Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Love You

I want to express myself using every language but it seems like I can only express myself the best in Korean so I can only shout out to the fans like this..thank you..!!!for allowing me to feel that love has no age or country barriers..Thank you for being part of Suju(,) part of ELF and I love you..
(trans by @teukables)

I love you, Park Jungsu.
I may waver a lot and I may not look at you a lot, but nothing can erase the fact that you are my home, 
and home is where my heart will always be.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Party Time with the Sexy, Free and Single (?)

When I saw the teaser for the first time, I didn't like it. Another box, just better. Then people were pointing out that the set was another recycled one because it was used already in one DBSK MV. Hyuk was made to wear something Sehun wore for History. And the song was somehow auto-tuned again.

But as I watch it for the second time, it felt like brand new. And I knew that I just got used to the old Super Junior scheme that I didn't notice the fact that Super Junior is presenting me with something quite extra ordinary.

There is something to expect, I thought.


I've listened to all SJ songs and I can say that this style is beyond their usual. When I first heard the song in full, I was easily addicted to it. It came unexpected though because although it has the same Yoo Youngjin-feel, it is strangely unique. Like there's something in it which was prepared for the past years.

Maybe I don't know much about music but I could say that this is close to club music. It makes you dance. It makes you move. It makes you close your eyes and imagine yourself popping to the beat. It makes you wonder if this is really Super Junior... or another group.

The song is addicting, and it is fucking way better than Mr. Simple.


I woke up to a bad weather. It was raining hard and even my parents were clueless why the weather was weird. There weren't any news that there's typhoon either. Class and work suspensions were announced here and there. And then, my TList told me that it was also raining in some parts of Singapore and Japan (where it was supposed to be sunny)... 

The answer came to me on 12PM KST though. SM Entertainment released the Sexy, Free and Single music video of Super Junior.

Rain kings, they are.

The music video is far better than I expected. Although they were still in a box, it was way better than anything else. You would easily notice that the company had indeed put effort for them this time. I personally love the sets...


I personally like the octagon design, although until now, I am not sure as to what that was for. I love how it exploded into pieces and then Yesung faded in singing his lines. The jumps were a little off for me but I think it was needed.

And then don't talk to me about the camera shots because I am fucking spazzing over it. IT DIDN'T MAKE ME DIZZY, that alone is reason enough to call this video perfect.


The choreography is awesome. 

It is not as move-y as Don't Don, not as complex as Sorry Sorry, not as catchy as Mr. Simple... But being a former dancer, boy the choreography is difficult. YOU WOULD NEED INTENSE SENSE OF BALANCE TO PERFECT THE STUNTS!

Many people would not agree. I, myself, didn't like it the first time I saw it. But it will grow on you guys, believe me. Although it looked like it was really intended for older dancers, it is really something we can call a 'GREAT DANCE'.

Why? Because the choreography is awesome.


The boys, themselves, basically slapped me with reality: SUPER JUNIOR OWNS ME.

I don't care about the leather whatever or Siwon's weird hairstyle, or anything else. These boys are perfect whatever you make them wear. The charm compensates for everything. The charm which is very broad to be explained by words.

Every flick, every stare, every move... It nails me permanent to the fact that yes, Super Junior owns me.

Cho Kyuhyun, I'll get back to you for killing me. Just wait.


Now, here comes one of the most special reasons why Sexy, Free & Single is awesome: Kim Yongwoon. 

After three longing years, here he is now - back and alive. Seeing him performing and keeping up with his brothers, I can no longer complain about anything else against SME. The fact that they brought him back is a reason enough to just keep my mouth shut for any flaw (if ever there is one).

His voice is as flawless as ever. Although it was obvious that he was struggling with the choreography, he managed to cover it up with his presence.

And no other reason could top that.