Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chobyeol: Heechul's Proof of His Individual Success.. So Far.

If there is one person who can prove to me that one has to try and try to succeed, it would surely be Super Junior’s Kim Heechul.
Chobyeol is his first solo single. He sang this for his drama, Loving You Ten Million Times. I have yet to find a translation for it so I can’t really tell the message of the song. But that would have to be another entry. For now, let’s just focus on the singer, himself.
As I was saying, this is his first solo single. And prior to this, we all know about his famous mistake, right? Yeah. Let’s admit it, Heechul’s famous mistake was when he got out of tune as he was singing his part on a live performance of “U”.
That was years ago. Heechul might had suffered a lot from those. During those times, they were still new in the industry so it is possible that that mistake gained him lots of anti-fans.
But that was years ago. During interviews, he kept saying that he’s working hard to become a better person, to become a better entertainer. Then, when I heard his song for the first time, I knew that he had already proven himself worthy of being called a ‘singer’. He might have done lots of solos prior to this (like when he sang Cheotcha), but I have to say that this is the peak of it all.
I can’t further add anything on this article. I just want everybody to know that I am proud of Kim Heechul. He persevered to reach his goal. He didn’t think twice to improve. He admitted his weaknesses but worked hard to turn it into strengths.
And he’s continuously improving, I believe.

Beautiful In & Out

credits: Maiden_Rose | reup: Izurei @
I have declared my undying love towards the leader, Leeteuk. There’s no question on that, and I have no idea of turning against my words. But there are things I cannot just deny – like the fact that even though it is the leader that I love, Kim Heechul is still the most beautiful guy for me.
I know that there are lots of other pictures which shows off Heenim’s beauty despite being a man. Yet, the pictures above appealed much to me. He doesn’t seem to be wearing make up at all. It looked so natural. And that made things better than usual.
There are more pictures on but I’ve chosen these few. Stare at it. You’re gonna realize that Heenim could be the male counterpart of Kim Taehee (Love Story in Harvard, Forbidden Love, Stairway to Heaven). And as I consider the actress one of the most beautiful ladies on Earth, it’s no wonder why Heechul became my most beautiful man on the planet.
Okay, okay. So allow me to put sense to this article. It’s such a rare occurrence to find someone as gorgeous as he is. But beyond these god-like appearance is also a beautiful heart. So I guess, it is just right to say that beauty radiates from within. Since he’s beautiful inside, he becomes much more gorgeous outside.
Woah. Now, I know the secret.

Friday, October 30, 2009

A Disease Called Sungmin

Credits: 엔젤밍 & Sungmin’s Baidu
Reuploaded by: ★_Excentrique @

I’ve read a fan account about Akilla on It is quite a summary of what happened in the musical but basically, it explains the story too (GREAT ARTICLE!). Now, what am I pointing at?

The story was a serious one. It’s quite like Romeo and Juliet but with Sungmin on it, I have to say that it’s a lot better. Now, look at the picture above. What do you think?
The truth is, I’m taken aback by Sungmin’s playfulness in the picture. It seems like he’s really enjoying what he’s doing. Yes, Akilla’s story is really enjoyable but it doesn’t seem to be the only reason why Sungmin is as happy as he is in the picture.
I wish to see him like this forever. As usual, his happiness is contagious. I wonder how the audience felt when they saw him in flesh as this photo was taken. I honestly envy them.
Sungmin actually has the power to make everything light for me. As a friend of mine used to say, he’s a disease. Epidemic. And he’s a disease I would want to have. He’s a disease I wouldn’t ask a cure for.
Yeah, this post seems to be senseless. I’m sorry.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Thing I Share with Hankyung

For those who personally know me, you can now skip this post. Because for sure, you already know what I’m gonna say about that thing which I share with Hankyung…
But for those who do not, let me tell you one public secret: I LOVE DOGS. And that is one thing that Hankyung and I share. (Yeah, it makes me proud to know that there’s one common virtue between me and Geng.)
The dog on the picture is Rider, a husky, who is obviously dearly loved by his owner. I personally believe that a dog wouldn’t appear so beautiful if it is not well taken care of.
Stare at Rider for a while. Notice his face. Can you see a smile? Well, I do. And here’s the catch: Dogs’ smiles can ease all the pain his master feels in an instant.
How did I say that?
I have a dog too. Her name is Chichi and is a cross breed of Japanese Spitz and Shitzu. She was given to me by a friend, two years ago. And since then, I’ve learned how to love dogs better.
Chichi’s stubborn and conceited. Whenever we eat, we make sure that she has her own chair. After taking a bath, it is a must that her fur is combed while in front of the electric fan. She must not eat oily food as it can ruin her diet and her skin. And we have to open the door when she knocks or else, she’ll annoy you.
But as always, it feels good to see her jump on me everytime she wanted to. No matter how tiring my days could be, as long as she comes running to me when I get home, everything becomes okay. From her licks, waking me up in the morning until her way of sleeping on my feet at night, it makes me feel so blessed that I was given a chance to take care of this wonderful dog.
Chichi is not just a pet to me. She’s my daughter. She’s a part of the family. And I will take good care of her as long as I can, because it is the only way that I can compensate for everything that she had given me and my family.
I wish I could match her with Rider. :)

The Cutest Person on Earth is in South Korea

credits: zsa2687 @ youtube

Here I go again with Sungmin. I guess I’ll never grow tired of asking ‘Why on earth is he this cute and adorable!?’ Gah! It makes me want to go to South Korea and hug this rabbit tight, and never let go!
I’ve watched the whole video from which this clip was taken and it was translated. So as far as I remember, right after Sungmin introduced himself, the female host asked Sungmin to show some of his cuteness… And so our rabbit did. What he said was “Noona, I’m hungry.” that drove the whole studio laughing… and me, melting.
Seriously and honestly, this video casted Sungmin’s spell on me. How he said he’s hungry felt like an enchantment to me. This video introduced me to my belief that the cutest person on Earth is in South Korea. And up until now, I’ve got no plans of changing it.
And if I am to decide, I would give Sungmin a Guiness World Record. Hmmm… How can I start the nomination?

Super Junior's 14th Member

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ryeowook Caught Me Off-Guard

I have a confession to make, and I would want to extend my apologies before anything else. I was too stupid to think of it. I am deeply sorry.
Okay, okay. As I was browsing through the updates in, not so long ago, I saw a picture of Kang Jun Young. He is supposedly a member of Super Junior but shortly before debut, he left the group and was immediately replaced by no other than the person on the picture above, Kim Ryeowook.
As I was struck by the could-have-been-Super-Junior guy’s handsomeness, I began to ask he should’ve continued being a member, concluding that he could have been better than Wookie…
But that was soooo stupid of me. I am really sorry for thinking that Junyoung could have been a better member than Wookie. I AM REALLY SORRY. Now, I’m eating my thoughts up.

The picture above brought me back to my senses. Well, to tell you the truth, I have nothing against Junyoung. I am pretty sure that he could have been a great artist had he continued. But with all fairness, I am sure that he could get the title with or without Super Junior.
I’m not dwelling on the past. Let me make my statements clear. What I’m saying is that it was a mistake for me to question Wookie’s membership in Super Junior. Because the truth is, he is perfect for the group.
I cannot imagine Super Junior without him. I cannot imagine K.R.Y. as only K.Y. I cannot imagine anybody in place of Wookie. Because again, Kim Ryeo Wook is destined to be in Super Junior.
Stare at the picture. As an ELF, would you want another person to take his place in the group? I’m sure not. For we love him, don’t we?
These are thoughts I had a long time ago. But still I’m guilty. I am sorry for doing so, Wookie. You know how much I love you. :)

My ideas didn’t make sense. Sorry. :( I love you Wookie… can’t get enough of your transformations :)