Thursday, October 29, 2009

Super Junior's 14th Member

When things really get off my grasp, God has His own way of bringing it all back.
I have read on that Super Junior has 13 members but is actually a family of 15. I believe on it as I support Zhou Mi and Henry too. But the truth is, I have some changes to suggest: Super Junior has 14 members and is a family of 16. ^_^
Because Heebum’s actually the 14th member. HAHAHA!
I bet you’ll agree with me when I say that this Russian blue cat is almost Heechul to me. I am running out of words to explain this but I hope my efforts to make things clear will be appreciated. :)
The truth is, Heebum’s characteristics are somewhat similar to Heechul. In the article I’ve read (sorry, I cannot hotlink the translation), it was mentioned there that Heebum’s a conceited cat and even Rongrong (Hankyung’s dog) has to pay respect to him.
Don’t misunderstand me. Let’s just admit that there are times that Heechul can be conceited, but it isn’t annoying. REALLY. His conceitedness is something so cute, and I cannot understand why. His nickname HEENIM could somehow prove you that.
I know my post is random. Nothing’s actually fine now. But it’s a good thing that I saw these pictures. It made me smile somehow. :)

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