Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Miss Kangin :'(

The Super Show II in Shanghai will happen tonight, as far as I know… And I am not sure whether Kang-in will participate or not… Kang-in appeared before the police just this midnight… I pray he went to Shanghai afterwards…
Everything overwhelms me with unknown emotions… I feel like crying, shouting, and even going to South Korea just to see him in person. (But it’s impossible, of course.) Everything seems to be going out of its way.
And for all I know, I terribly miss Kangin…
I miss Korea’s Number One Handsome Guy… I miss Raccoon… I miss Kim Youngwoon… I want to see him on the most recent performances of the group… I want to see his smile again, I want to hear his voice again.
Depression defeated him this much. And it’s not only him that is affected… His fellow members are, too. Especially Teukkie.. And that hurts me more.
This isn’t exaggeration, people. This is support. This is love. This is what an ELF is. I love Super Junior. I love Kangin. And it pains me to know that this is the most I can do to make him feel better.
I’m pleading to all the ELFs… Let’s continue supporting Super Junior. Let’s continue believing on Kangin.
And to the netizens, there are much more beautiful things he did than these two mistakes he committed. Kangin is as human as you. Had you been in his position, I bet you wouldn’t be able to handle the depression too. Leave Kangin alone… Please. Don’t rejoice over others’ downfalls. Don’t be the law to judge everything about Korean entertainment. Please… Please…
Tears attempt to fall as I write this blog. I really miss him. I really miss Kangin.

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