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The leaders work in different ways. The groups go through their own things. I will always consider Teukie the best leader because of how he has held the group together when they have been through so much. Keeping up with so many members, caring for them and even working so hard that he ends up hurting himself and goes days and nights without sleeping making sure he is doing everything for his group. There is so many reasons why Teukie is an amazing leader. Really you shouldn’t compare.
YOU ARE NOT A TEUKIE BIASED. If he does really care about his screen time, he would have the MOST screen times on their own MV. He doesn’t get the most lines as well. I would really prefer if you reconsider him as in-demand MCrather than judging him with his ability to lead Super Junior. Super Junior won’t last for 5 YEARS if it weren’t for his passion to protect and care for his members.
I really don’t see a need to compare… o.o I love Leeteuk and I love Doojoon xD They’re both amazing leaders in their own right.
If you’re referring to how much screen time Teuk gets variety shows… Of course he cares about his screen time. He’s not the lead singer in SJ nor is he the main dancer. However, he has an amazing ability to MC. That is something he was born with, that is one of his gifts. Everyone in SJ has their own talent, and each of them has a right to use it. He works more variety shows than some of the other members because that’s what he is good at. He needs to get his name out there as an MC because I think that’s what he plans on doing after SJ. It’s his way of getting well known. It has nothing to do with him not caring about to other members… If you’re an ELF, you can see that the members are some of the most important people in his life.
There are a million and one reasons why we call Teuk the ‘best leader’. Super Junior is the biggest boy band in the world. 15 members. Being in charge of so many people at such a young age… I can’t even imagine the stress he must go through on a daily basis. He was thrust into this position and had to make the best of it. But not only does he act as a leader to them, after Donghae’s father died, he was also given responsibility of acting as a father figure to Hae. He promised him. But outside of that… There is so much that SJ has been through. During the accident, when Teuk himself was in an immense amount of pain, being wheeled away to the ambulance, he still worried about the members more than himself. He called after Kyu, making sure trying to make sure that he was okay. He’s always there for the members no matter what they’re going through. He always thinks of others first. He’s always smiling even if he’s in pain or or upset, not only for the members but for the fans as well. He doesn’t want us to worry about him, but rather take care of ourselves. Not only is he an amazing leader but he is an absolutely beautiful person inside and out.
I could go on and on….But yes. Of course we think the highest of him because he deserves it. He’s proved what an amazing leader he is time and time again.
- holyshisus.tumblr.com
I think this is .. a waste of time, really. There’s no such a thing as “better leader than”, because these two groups are completely different from each other. Neither of them has any of the same members. I’m not a B2UTY, but I respect Doojoon as a leader, because I believe that it is such hard work to take care of the members, as well as represent the group as whole, while still doing all the other things that you need to do when you’re in the music industry.
But like I said, neither of these bands have the same members. Their leadership skills could be compared if they took turns in leading the same group, which of course, is not the thing.
But Leeteuk has done so much for SJ, that it’s something respectable. You say you’re Leeteuk-biased? but you don’t respect his way of leading? Wow.
Like stated above, Leeteuk is neither a lead singer or a lead dancer. He hosts Sukira and works as an MC and a regular guest for a lot of shows, because 1) that’s part of his job description 2) People with a higher status in the company have told him to do so – it’s not that an idol does everything he wants to, but they get assigned to do things as well. And 3) It’s also a way of making their name more known. As Leeteuk, but also as Super Junior.
But that Leeteuk – no, Park Jungsu, would only care about the screen time he gets? Do you know how hard it must be to take care of fourteen other members, as well as yourself? He sacrifices his sleep for work. He takes care of his dongsaengs. He pays their dinner, he listens to them when they have worries. He is like a parent to the other members, especially Donghae. Not just because that’s his position in the band, but because he cares so much. He’s a selfless man who cares more about Super Junior than himself. Heck, he even cares more about ELF than himself. Do you know how broken he was when he thought that he, as the leader of Super Junior, had betrayed ELF and the band for not being able win the GDA? [I’m sorry I’m bringing this up again, it’s old news and no1curr]. His tweets regarding to that event were heart-breaking, because not only he is the leader of Super Junior, he is also the leader of ELF, and it had made him think that he had failed as a leader. Which he has never done, because Leeteuk has the heart of gold, the strength to push through hard times, together with the members and ELF by his side.
I just don’t even. Comparing groups in general is just waste of time, because they are all so different.
I never wanted to react and make a fuss about this stupid secret on KPOPSecrets. But seeing them stand for my… no, OUR bias made me realize that my loyalty and defense is summoned.
To whoever you are (and to all who are thinking the same as this anon,)
same as the others, I do respect Doojoon and B2ST. I do not know anything much about them as I just became a fan when they released Beautiful. I didn’t even know that he is the leader. Nevertheless, I respect him enough not to say anything negative about his leadership and his personality.
First, because I do not know him. Second, because I respect his fans.
To me, it’s inevitable to compare. What started the fire for me here is the fact that Jungsoo was implied to be self-centered. That is beyond the belt.
If you are claiming to be Teukie-biased, you’re not gonna say this. Because you will end up lying to yourself. So please, scratch off the idea that you like Jungsoo because truth be told, you’re not even an inch closer to that.
You know nothing, I suppose.
Here’s one fact: He became my ultimate bias because he put his self as the last priority. I still remember when he wrote on his Cyworld entry something short but very meaningful:


You realize what that meant?
I don’t want to remember it but yeah, what was said above was right. If he was more concerned about his image than his members, why would he call out Kyuhyun’s name when he was almost dying on that night of April 19. 2007? If he was more concerned about his image than his members, why would he accept the responsibility of taking care of Donghae when the latter’s father died? If he was more concerned about his image than his members, why would he let his members bully him in front of a thousand fans? If he was more concerned about his image than his members, why would he stick with Super Junior and wish it to last forever rather than going solo and be Korea’s number one MC?
In simple reasonings: If he was more concerned about his image that his members, why would he always stand at the sides rather than in the middle during photoshoots and interviews?
Like the first thing I said, do not focus on variety shows. Naturally, you’ll think that he’s overshadowing the others because that’s where he’s good at. (Oh, but if you still insist, go watch SJ Foresight and see how he gives way to others especially Kyuhyun) Go for the fan cams. Only through that can you prove yourself wrong.
We may all seem like we’re overreacting but for a reason, we should. Because Jungsoo’s name and reputation cannot be forsaken. Because yes, we think highly of him. Because like what’s said above, he deserves it.
And one last thing: You know why he wants screen time? Because he wants to make his parents proud. But at the same time, it is because he is the leader of Super Junior. And naturally, whatever positive reputation he gains, the whole group gains as well.
PS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVShCDz2Utw Watch the video. Disregard Luna. Focus on Jungsoo. What do you think was he thinking while Luna was receiving the criticisms? Then ask yourself, is Jungsoo really just concern over his self-image?

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