Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HEE Cares.

There is a friend of mine
He’s not good at Korean but he speaks Chinese really well
He’s just okay at singing but his dancing is excellent
I like cats but that friend likes dogs
I cant cook but that friend cooks very well
I curse everyday but that friend just laughs
Time has passed and I have never been nice to him ㅋㅋ
I’m really sorry..
That I was never nice to him when he was still beside meㅋㅋ
I’m not really a self-pitying person
I’m just drunk and watching the tears fall ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
It’s a very happy and precious thing when you have someone beside you
Even though I’ve grown older I still didn’t know that
It’s too late…I know it now..really..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
It seems that these words aren’t useless ^-^
I miss you.. it seems that I’m going to write these words at times like this(-┏)
Me who doesn’t even cry when filming sad scenes
is now shedding very hot tears
source : 김희철 미니홈피
translated by
thanks dDonika for the shout out
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Geng ‘left’ Super Junior before 2009 ends, and for like four months, I’ve heard nothing from the members about his absence. I don’t know why they don’t react, I don’t know why they don’t say anything. I almost thought of thinking that maybe, they don’t care.
But no, they do.
And as expected, it is the legendary Kim Heechul who had spoken first. I know he would. And he did. And the truth is, I don’t know how to feel right now.
At the moment, I’m lost for words. But I can feel emotions – extreme. The princess has never forgotten his prince. I know it’s Geng he’s referring to. And I have to say that I am just so glad to see this.
However, I can’t help but feel sad. This made me feel Hangeng’s absence more. How many months have passed? How long will I have to wait before I could see this ‘Chinese friend’ with his princess again?
I wish everything would just go back to what it used to be. I wish we could all turn back time and we could back to the moment when everybody’s still happy, and complete.
Because no matter how hard I try to deny, the truth remains that I’m hurting. And only seeing them all thirteen will mend me.

4JIB: Another Chapter of History

The boys keep on teasing us. They’re constantly telling us about the 4jib. What’s that about? Hmmm. For non-SJ fans, it’s just an ordinary album coming out. But to E.L.F.s, it’s like a God-given grace we’re waiting to arrive.
It’s the last week of April. And they’re releasing the album on May. Rumors say that it’s a vampire concept. And that made me unable to think straight. My angel’s blonde now. Come on, how hot could it get to see a bloodsucker hotter than Edward Cullen?
I’m hyper-ventilating at the thought. What more if it is here already?
Everytime I visit SJ update sites, and read the members’ tweets, I really can’t help but feel the excitement. Even though I’m in the office, I can’t really contain the joy it gives me. In a few days time, I’m gonna hear new songs, see new pictures, watch new videos.
It’s like getting ready in entering a brand new dimension… Where vampires abound.


My Tangible Security

Okay. So I am a June baby but in my finger right now is a gold ring with a Sapphire stone on it. Yeah. Sapphire Blue, that is.
This wasn’t even a gift for graduation. I asked my mom if I could have it. At first, she wouldn’t give it to me since it’s her birthstone but after some bribes, I got it as a graduation gift.
She keeps on asking why I want it when I should be wearing pearls instead. And I would say it’s really beautiful.


Wearing a ring with Sapphire on it makes me feel more secured. It’s literally having a part of Super Junior in me. It’s like assuring myself that I am an E.L.F.,and for forever I’ll be one.
I know it’s quite exaggerated. But to hell with people who will think I’m over acting. Not everybody would understand how safe it is to feel like Super Junior’s just here; and not everybody knows what kind of hope the color of Sapphire Blue is giving us all, E.L.F.s.
I guess this is one of the million benefits exclusive for the citizens of the Sapphire Blue world. It’s not always that people get to appreciate the simplest things, and find the greatest meanings of it. I don’t know how to explain it further, but to put it in the simplest words: Only the true E.L.F.s could understand each other.
And I know, you do understand how joyful I am with this Sapphire ring in my finger. I need not to explain further.

Super Show 3 in Manila WILL Happen


Yes, everyone. Ms. Happee Sy had confirmed that the Super Show 3 in Manilawill happen on February 2011. No exact date yet, but it is SURE to happen.
When I heard of it, I feel like everything lightened up. I feel like I was suddenly brought out of the depression I’m going through and from that moment on, everything seems like perfect. I suddenly saw hope.
You know how I feel towards the SS2 right? You know how much I long for a Super Show 3 to happen here in the Philippines. You know how much I wanted to see them again.


I know I’m always getting religious on my posts but seriously, God knows how to make me happy. I know He wouldn’t just give me what I want. He gives me what I need. And that makes all the difference.


Even God believes that I do.
Time flies fast. The next thing I know, it is February. So I’m preparing as early as today. And nothing can stop me from doing so. I’m gonna make things right now.This time, I’ll come fully prepared. ^^
Shocks. I can’t seriously breathe because of excitement

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Memory I Want to Forget

credits: gMyzo @ youtube
It was two years ago. It was way, way back before I even know they exist. But the fear still remains…
April 19, 2007. As the boys were heading home from a Sukira broadcast, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun and Teukkie, along with their managers, met a terrible accident. The van they’re in crashed causing injuries to its passengers, particularly on Kyuhyun and Teukkie.
Eunhyuk and Shindong weren’t hurt so much. But Teukkie and Kyuhyun got the most injuries. Teukkie had to undergo surgery wherein he got more than a hundred stitches on his back and face, due to wounds caused by shattered glasses. Worse, Kyuhyun was unconscious. He was sitting at the seat next to the driver and his condition was unstable for how many months. He stayed at the ICU, proving how serious his condition was. He couldn’t even speak after gaining consciousness again.
Allow me to cry while writing this. I just can’t contain it.
The scene from that accident, as how I saw it on video, was indeed a memory to forget. Actually, April 19 is, to me. Because everytime I remember it, the fear lives on.
If anything else like this happens again, I wouldn’t know what to do.
Yesung’s voice resonates in my head. It echoes. It continues playing. The sobs, the pauses, everything implies serious sadness. And never ever do I want to hear this kind of despair again.
It will exactly be 2 years tomorrow, since the accident took place, since we almost lost them. And yes, I’m just so thankful that I have known them after what happened and the four are perfectly okay now.
And I pray that they will stay like what they are for forever.
Lord, I lift them up to You. Since You, alone, can protect them from every danger this world brags about. Please guide them always and put them in Your warmth embrace. Let the memory from two years ago never happen again. Let them not be hurt in any way. Please Lord. Amen.

He's Happy

Oh my God. This day has been truly one of the best days of my life.


The truth is, I’m not contented with these pictures. Call me selfish but I really want him back. I want him back with Super Junior. This may sound so contradicting, with all I’ve said before, but that’s the truth. I want to count from 1 to 13 again. And God knows how much I want to count Geng in.
Yet, I stand by what I say.
In these pictures, I can’t see his eyes. But my heart tells me that this is where he has always wanted to be – peaceful, not controlling, free. I know you’re fine with where he is now. That smile I have always longed for has now presented itself to me, as if saying “Don’t worry, I’m happy.”
I’m keeping up with my promise. Though it hurts, I’m gonna be beside Geng and support him all the way. Yes, I want to see him back with Super Junior but if he chooses not to, I’ll cry, but I’ll accept it later on.
Because as I’ve said, I would rather get myself hurt and suffer than see him or any members in that state.
But I’ll still 13elieve. I prom15e…