Thursday, April 8, 2010

I’m Freaking Out.

Here is how big the Super Show stage is. And the boys are gonna stand here, dance, sing, and have fun this coming Saturday.
And I’ll be there. At the left section, standing, jumping, having fun too and falling in love with all of them. FOR SURE.
It’s gonna be two more days and I can’t contain the excitement. Yeah, it isn’t obvious. But God knows I cannot sleep anymore. Two days more and I’m gonna see in person, the angels who have constantly been my lifeline.


Seriously, I was freaking out when I learned that his activities would be put on hold. It worsen when I knew that Onew would be temporarily replacing him as a KTR DJ. It’s just a week before they come here and I couldn’t afford to really let that night pass without being able to see him in person.
Thank God it was made known that he’s gonna resume all his activities this weekend. And that means he’s coming here.
If only I could make you hear my sigh of relief when I knew that. ^^~
Can’t really wait anymore. I’m certainly excited. ^^

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