Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To Kim Ryeowook…

Wookie, I never expected this. But I have to admit, that you are my third bias now.
You caught me with your butt dance, at once. I know you are used to doing that and that’s your specialty and I have seen you do that for a number of times already but seeing you do that in person was different. It was exciting. It was fun.
One thing did I realize then, you are really the eternal maknae. To hell with birthyears, you are the youngest for me.
But you can be fierce. Your Don’t Don and TWINS performance were the proof. And the more I love you for being so versatile.
And then you did your solo… And I was cursing over and over again. I can’t stand seeing you dancing with a girl LIVE. Again, I should have been used to this. But I just thought I am. The way you danced and the way you touched that woman’s leg, it brought me so much jealousy.
Next, when  you did the Chu~♥ parody… I was like WOAH! WOOKIE WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER. :) Yeah, you were on the stage with four other equally handsome boys but you stand out as Luna. You were perfect for the role. No one could have played it better than you. :)
Honestly, I can’t remember much about what you did during the concert. Except that you weren’t feeling well. Yet you played the piano like how you used to. You caught my heart on that. Especially when you played WHO AM I? That was epic. That was touching. That moved me. Thank you Wookie.
But you know what’s one thing that will forever remain fresh in my memory? It’s how you looked at me, eye to eye. And for those few seconds, I couldn’t breathe. My heart stopped beating. And when I made that ‘saranghae’ action, you just smiled and your eyebrow raised in approval.
Wookie… With that, you captured my heart. You made me feel better. Your constant waves and your constant smiles toward our direction was something worth remembering from that night.
And from then, I knew you’re on my top three bias. ^^
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