Sunday, August 30, 2009

Super Junior to ELF: ELF to Super Junior

I’ve been noticing a lot of things lately. But this is one thing that made me like: What?! Uhm… I’m not sure whether this is just right to say, but let me do so. Maybe, this could help us become better fans of Super Junior.
First I just want to say that I saw some behind the scenes photos of the yacht shoot mentioned on the news, and I have to say that I noticed the fatigue in the members’ faces.
Now, what I just want to say is this:
Super Junior members are humans too. They get tired. They get annoyed. They need privacy. They need time. It’s not because we are their fans that we should always be literally INTO what they do. Because after all, we are all involved in it:
SUPER JUNIOR IS DOING WHAT WE SEE THEM DOING BECAUSE OF US, ELFs. Next to their dreams and families, they are working hard because they know that we believe in them.
I know that they are God-likes and almost perfect, and I’m not sure if I can control myself too if I see them in person, but I’m pretty certain that no matter how much I wanted to be close to them, I’ll still be maintaining that thick-thin line that divides me and their privacy.
I’m not an anti. My previous blogs will surely prove it to you. But I just want to say that nobody owns Super Junior. Even the Lee Soo Man. Super Junior members own themselves and let’s respect it.
So what if they don’t smile in the middle of a photo shoot? So what if they change route to avoid crowds? So what if they don’t talk much often than we expect?
I just love them so much that’s why I’m saying this. Come on, guys. They’re not robots. And they don’t just fit themselves to what we want them to be. After all, we loved them for who they are, don’t we?
One favor: Too much fangirling hurts. We are all loved by Super Junior because we are all ELFs. And if you think that Super Junior is neglecting you, think twice. Because they wouldn’t be doing this much hardwork if they do not value you. :)
Let’s continue loving Super Junior :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

13.. Only 13.

It’s quite a while since I posted something here. And honestly, I have no plans yet of writing another blog; not until I watched an episode of Happy Day with Super Junior…
Kang In-ssi stated in the interview that they have to be 13 to be Super Junior and to be on stage… I have heard that before from them and I agree.
Let’s take for an example their movie, Attack on the Pin-Up Boys. Kyu Hyun-ssi wasn’t there because of the accident, as far as I know. And though it is a cute and good movie, as an ELF, I have to admit that something’s missing. Kyu Hyun-ssi.
Just now, I thought, Super Junior is a magnificent jigsaw puzzle. Its pieces are crystals, shining glamorously. It has different colors, it has different cuts. But it all size the same. So when you arrange it all together, the colors are combined perfectly and it shines brighter and brighter as you stare at it.  It is a precious treasure ought to be cherished by this world.
Then take one piece out, you notice it easily. Because there is a missing link. There is a space distracting you; one space telling you that indeed, it is incomplete. Remove one member, and everybody will feel void.
Now I can fully understand why there is no one in Super Junior that I don’t appreciate. Honestly, it’s not so me. I used to dislike at least one member from a group I like very much. (Sorry for the irony.) But Super Junior seemed to have presented me with my match. Coz I’m in love with all of them.
Super Junior is my crystal jigsaw puzzle. They are not just for display. They are not just good-looking. They don’t just dance and sing and act. Like most jigsaw puzzles, they give happiness and satisfaction. That even though I can’t understand some of their songs, I feel relieved hearing them.
Only 13. But this post has nothing to do with Zhou Mi and Henry of Super Junior M. Only 13. It is only when they are 13 that the real significance of being a fan is felt. Yes, they can manage to be 12 or less but even they feel incomplete. Because after all, Super Junior is a group of brothers, working together as one…

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


It’s the question I often ask myself. One word requiring thousands, if not millions, of words to be answered.
I love explanations. But I get fed up at times. Though I love asking why, I have to say that sometimes, I hate myself for doing so.
Because it’s not always that the explanations of things are what I want to hear, to know. Most of the time, by asking why, I am just hurting myself.
Then I read Eeteuk’s page. If my understanding is right, he’s referring to himself as useless.
After shedding some tears secretly in front of the computer, I once again questioned myself, WHY. Why is he like that? Why am I feeling the same way?
Then I realized, he is probably feeling incomplete. Truly, fame and fortune can never equate happiness. However, I’m pretty sure that the love, concern and support coming from ELFs, like me, can help him in easing away the pain.
Why am I loving Eeteuk so much…?
Yeah, another WHY question…

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Great Pretender

The things you see are not always what it seems to be. It doesn’t always mean that if you’re seeing someone laughing, he is happy. He can just be trying to goof around so he may be able to conceal the pain he’s feeling inside.
Looks can be deceiving. And you can’t say you know someone by the way he looks and acts when you are around. I am certain that nobody is courageous enough to be his real person in front of everybody. Pretension is inevitable.
Sometimes, we just have to understand things so that this world will be a better place to live in. And sometimes, we also just have to be somebody else to fit in, to belong.
It doesn’t look good, especially to people who believe that they don’t pretend. But if we try to go deeper the comprehension of how this thing really is, then I think no one would ever dare to call anyone ‘a great pretender.’
Jung Soo-oppa’s been going through tough times I think. I’ve read it on his CyWorld page…
There really isn’t much difference between the two of us.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


It’s funny how I waste time thinking of stupid things; things like I’ve just lost people, that I have been left behind again.
But it becomes funnier upon realizing that everything is a mere product of paranoia. Haha.
Miracles happen.
I consider these simple things miracles. I can’t clearly state why but for me, finding time for fun (at times like this) is a God-given moment. It is a miracle that I can still smile amidst everything. It is a miracle that I can still keep myself intact after being crushed.
And part of those miracles are people I value so much. Miracles I have found without searching.
So guys, it’s never too late to receive your own miracles. But be a miracle to someone else too. You never know what God has planned for you :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Loving Korea Since High School.. :)

I have been soooo fascinated with the Korean culture ever since I was in High School – the places, the culture and the people, themselves. This also includes the entertainment scene. Thanks to Song Hye Kyo and Song Seung Heon of Autumn in my Heart. :)
I was in third year high school when I told myself that I am going to Jeju Island in the future. This is because of Winter Sonata starring Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo. I really want to walk through the pathway in Namisoem Island and enter that house in Oedo Island. I even want to ride a bike in Chuncheon and hear the crunching sounds of the autumn leaves there.
That was 5 years ago. And right now, nothing has changed. In a few months time, I will be graduating from college. Much to my hope, I am asking my mom to send me to South Korea for vacation instead.
The reason why I love the culture is because it is very, very close to mine. You see, I am a Filipino and I grew up here in the Philippines. There isn’t any much differences.
However, I have to mention certain things that makes the two cultures different. First, the sweetness of the people in SKorea. I really love it. I really love seeing Korean celebrities act intimately with each other, minus the malice. You can’t expect it here. Second, the ethnocentrism. I am a living proof that there is a sense of xenocentrism here. :) No, what I mean was South Koreans carry their nation’s pride well. They are not ashamed of what they are and from where they are. Third, the respect they have for each other. In South Korea, I have proven through SM Town’s talents that they value each other so much. Hyungs and Unnis are very much responsible to their Dongsaengs… Last and most importantly, most South Koreans do not lie. Even if they’ll be hurting others’ feelings, they still tell the truth.
These are the things that I would like Filipinos to learn. And that is why I would want to learn the Korean culture well.  I would want to fill in what’s lacking in this country, in this kind of culture. :)
And I swear, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to attain this goal. :)