Tuesday, August 18, 2009

13.. Only 13.

It’s quite a while since I posted something here. And honestly, I have no plans yet of writing another blog; not until I watched an episode of Happy Day with Super Junior…
Kang In-ssi stated in the interview that they have to be 13 to be Super Junior and to be on stage… I have heard that before from them and I agree.
Let’s take for an example their movie, Attack on the Pin-Up Boys. Kyu Hyun-ssi wasn’t there because of the accident, as far as I know. And though it is a cute and good movie, as an ELF, I have to admit that something’s missing. Kyu Hyun-ssi.
Just now, I thought, Super Junior is a magnificent jigsaw puzzle. Its pieces are crystals, shining glamorously. It has different colors, it has different cuts. But it all size the same. So when you arrange it all together, the colors are combined perfectly and it shines brighter and brighter as you stare at it.  It is a precious treasure ought to be cherished by this world.
Then take one piece out, you notice it easily. Because there is a missing link. There is a space distracting you; one space telling you that indeed, it is incomplete. Remove one member, and everybody will feel void.
Now I can fully understand why there is no one in Super Junior that I don’t appreciate. Honestly, it’s not so me. I used to dislike at least one member from a group I like very much. (Sorry for the irony.) But Super Junior seemed to have presented me with my match. Coz I’m in love with all of them.
Super Junior is my crystal jigsaw puzzle. They are not just for display. They are not just good-looking. They don’t just dance and sing and act. Like most jigsaw puzzles, they give happiness and satisfaction. That even though I can’t understand some of their songs, I feel relieved hearing them.
Only 13. But this post has nothing to do with Zhou Mi and Henry of Super Junior M. Only 13. It is only when they are 13 that the real significance of being a fan is felt. Yes, they can manage to be 12 or less but even they feel incomplete. Because after all, Super Junior is a group of brothers, working together as one…

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