Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Once Doubted Kibum

I know this is something I’m not supposed to talk about since there is a possibility that I will get bashed for this. But still, I’ll do. I feel like I have a mistake to apologize for to Kibum. So if ever this post reaches him, I hope he’ll understand…
You see, it has been so long since Kibum appeared with Super Junior. I can’t determine exactly when but I am pretty certain that in that span of time, a lot of things happened. Well, yeah, we all know what Super Junior went through.
With all honesty, I cannot help but ask whether Kibum still wanted to be a part of the group or not anymore. He said he can’t perform because of an injury but my narrow mind tells me that he’s able to do a movie and a commercial. The truth is, I wasn’t able to feel even just the slightest interest to come back. As an ELF, I felt deserted. Next to Kyuhyun, Kibum was the guy that brought me to Super Junior. But where is he now?
I thought Kibum left. And yeah, that was in the past tense form. Because as I watch Super Junior: A Walk to Remember, I knew I wronged him.
I never saw the side of Kibum caring for his co-members. I never saw his emotional side. Had he not been in dramas and TV performances, I could’ve never seen him shed tears. I jumped into conclusions forgetting that one cannot see rightly through the eye. And besides, who am I to judge Kibum?
I was so wrong and I deeply apologize. As what the other members said, Kibum is not the type of guy who would give up on them. Yes, he’s quiet and timid and shy but I do not know what’s going on behind cameras. When he said that Super Junior is like family to him, I was brought back to my senses. Kibum never left.
Maybe this is just because I miss him. For so long, I’ve been anticipating the day that Super Junior will perform as a whole. And we know that it would never come true unless Kibum is back.
So I pray that he does… And I would be very happy to see it happen.

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