Friday, November 13, 2009

Press the Reset

There is one thing Ive long been holding on to. But as nothing’s constant except change, I suddenly see myself being somebody else. Indeed, I’ve changed.
I don’t have regrets. Everybody who knows me would attest to that. I hate looking back to the past. Because for me, everyday’s a new opportunity to be the person I want myself to be – the person I have to be.
But why do I want to press the reset now?
If only I could bring back yesterday, I would surely do. I’ll get back to the time when all I care for was myself. I would prefer to return to the life where all I think of is myself.
I would definitely want to go back to the time when I still don’t know how to love.
At this very moment, I envy stones. They’ve got no feelings. Put them on water, they do not drown. Put them on fire, they do not burn. They stand the tests of time. They live peaceful lives.
And I wish I could do that too. I wish I could be somewhat like a stone. Even just for now. So I couldn’t feel all the pain. So I couldn’t notice what’s gone. So I couldn’t realize that I did a great mistake. So that it wouldn’t matter to me if I’m in the past or in the present, or even in the future. So I couldn’t cry.
As ‘RESET’ plays on my head, I continuously search for the reset button. I wish things could be as easy as the way Super Junior sings the song. Aissh.
I really want to press the restart button. I want to get away from everything and start all over again. I don’t want the way things are now.
If only I could change it… If only I could.

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