Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Won’t Get Tired of Waiting

As tweeted by @twelfs, the Super Show II Concert in Thailand has just started. They said fans are making waves as the opening VCR started. And I was like… OMG. I wish I was there.
Okay, so everybody knows I ditched the opportunity to see SHINee last night. I chose Robert Pattinson’s killer smile and Jacob’s hot abs over Minho, Key, Onew, Jonghyun and everything about them. Stupid, I know. But honestly, I feel no regrets over the decision.
Because it isn’t Super Junior’s concert that I didn’t attend.
Because there is no way I’m not gonna see Super Junior perform here in the Philippines.
Thai ELFs are very lucky. They get to see Super Junior now. I don’t need to imagine how the whole Bangkok stadium looks like though I haven’t been there. I’m certain it’s covered in blue, it looks like an ocean of sapphire blue. It’s a world in there of Sapphire pearls. Lovely.
I have been waiting for a year now to see all thirteen of them perform right before my very eyes. It will definitely be one memory I will always think and speak of. And I surely won’t get tired of it.
This gets me more and more excited.
I once said that Super Junior will come here to the Philippines this year. But it wouldn’t happen. But I don’t mind. There are reasons why it won’t push through, anyway. But I won’t stop believing.
For I feel that soon, yes… soon,
Super Junior will be coming here to my country and perform for me and all ELFs.
I’ll never get tired of waiting. :)

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