Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Real Love.


And I’m not daydreaming nor am I just trying to bring up an issue. I am seriously in love.  And I feel sooo LIKE AN ANGEL today. ^^
I honestly missed this feeling. You know, the inspiration… It isn’t everyday that I get to meet and see a man who would always enlighten my day and would always give me reason to smile amidst all the hardships each day gives.
He isn’t perfect. He isn’t as beautiful as any Super Junior members. He’s no match when compared to Leeteuk (for of course, the angel is incomparable)But I love himwith all my heart, with all of me.
He is my shock absorber, my anti-depressant, my stress reliever, myhappiness, my security, my life, my everything. And though we couldn’t have the chance to talk about what we really are, I know he feels that he means this much to me.
Yeah, we’re not together.  And I’m not stupid not to admit that I’m hoping for something to start between us. But I’m happy and contented with what we have now. We need not to say how much we love each other because we feel it already.
We don’t talk about it. I have no plans of bringing it up to him. But I just want to share my thoughts. And just in case he’ll pass by this entry, then he will understand that I don’t long for anything. I just want to love him with all of me. :)
And everything’s enough. (“-_-)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Get Well Soon, Hyukkie!


I admit, I panicked. But duh! Who wouldn’t? I haven’t heard of Swine Flu for a long time already. I thought it already left South Korea, I thought it no longer affect people…
But arrrrrrrrrrrrgh. It infected my anchovy!
Hyukkie… It’s still a month and a half before Super Show 2 in Manila takes place. Please do get well before April 10. Please please please.
Please do take care of yourself more.
And the others, please don’t get sick. I can’t afford to not see any of you just because it contracted the virus called Swine Flu. >.<
Lord God, shield them. Please.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pia, May & Regene, I LOVE YOU.


Honestly, I’ve got no plans to sit in the SVIP areas anymore. All my savings went to the pageant’s expenses and there is no way I could ever reimburse almost6000Php from the fund. BECAUSE THERE’S NOTHING LEFT.
It was heartbreaking to convince myself that the only option left for me is to buy a GenAd ticket costing a thousand bucks. And I have to endure the fact that I won’t get to see them close. I’m full of envy then. I’m really jealous of my friends.
But I managed to convince myself that I’ll be okay.
However, when we came to Ali Mall, I felt this great urge to watch Super Show in SVIP. But still, I’ve got no money.
That’s when God sent me May (@pennylanechic) and Pia (@soFISHticated). They’re my sisters from Twitter and they’re my co-SUJU girlfriends.
To cut the story short, May lent me 6000Php and Regene added 2000Php so I may buy the ticket.
It was really surprising. I was even shaking when I was holding the money.
I wonder, how could someone I’ve known just that day lend me that big amount just so I can watch the show with them?
And the answer was whispered by God to my ears.
Because in this world, there are and there will always be people who will trust me and will always believe me.
When I was on my way home, I realized that I may never have the best luck on love or in business, or in my career; but nobody could ever question my luck in building friendship among people.
I’m lucky to have met May and Pia. And of ocurse, my sister, Regene. They’re my constant reminders that I still deserve the best things in this world.
To the three of you, I swear, I’ll work hard to pay everything.


Lots of Love from the E.P. ^^

It was never easy. Believe me.
This entry is not for whining or ranting about the hardships I went through when I was organizing Mr. and Ms. UE Caloocan 2010. I’ve had enough of everything that concerns pre-production and the production, itself.
It’s time for the post-production. And this is how I do it.
I have never been able to thank the people who were with me for the past four months personally. Some of them, I was able to hug right after the event but I wasn’t myself then. I was still too pre-occupied by some legal problems concerning a sponsor who… never mind.
At least, it’s finished.
And I did it.
Everyone, I know you missed me here. ^^ But it is nothing compared to how much I’ve missed ALL of you. It took me a week before I finally get to get back to myself and write.
Guys, right now, I feel so like Leeteuk in the picture. I don’t want to take credit but it must be known that half of the effort for my event’s success came from me. I’m not bragging. It’s my job.
And my point is, I do enjoy the fact that I’ve worked with people, that I’ve influenced them, that I’ve been able to mold individuals to someone they want to be.
That feeling is priceless. I feel so like a leader.
You know what, guys? The real success of a production doesn’t come from positive feedbacks from people who saw the product. It comes from the fact that along the way, you see improvements on yourself and on people you’re handling.
I’m sure that this overwhelming feeling is what Leeteuk always feel when seeing his dongsaengs.
I’m sorry for the randomness. This is me, anyway. ^^