Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Because You Believed in Me.

At the moment, I’m actually searching my mind for words so I may be able to tell you clearly how I’m feeling. So if I go random, forgive me. I just have to say this.


See the GIF on the side. You are the Kangin as I am the Heechul now. We don’t take it seriously but the truth remains that you are all my comfort.
I cannot really find the right words to express my deepest gratitude to stalker93 ofsapphirepearls.com for taking out my poem, I Will Carry You.  Thanks too topolarelle for translating it to Thai language so more people may understand the message I’m trying to convey with the poems. And of course, to everyone else who took the time to re-upload it and credit me, I can never thank you enough.
I’m very sorry for making some people cry because of it. I guess it’s just normal because I wrote it while crying. Those simple words, they convey much emotions. They convey what I really want to tell Super Junior.
And thank you… Thank you for at least trying to make it happen.
Now let me tell a story:
When I knew that it was translated to Thai and posted in several foreign forums, I felt so relieved. I was in the verge of breaking down, believing that nothing’s going right with my production. But when I saw the poem, boy am I relieved.
The truth that it was translated to Thai, the truth that it was reuploaded to different forums and servers, the truth that many people agree with it – it’s so great. I instantly felt that I’m being believed upon. That there are people who still recognize me. That I’m not yet a failure many think I am.
I realized that indeed, The Angels’ Haven is one essential part of me. Writing is in my blood, as Super Junior is my life. And you, my dear readers, are my reasons to exist.
You might never know this. I may never be able to make everyone understand. I may seem like promoting my site and all, but believe me, I am telling the truth.
Thank you very much. And I wish there would come a time that I’m gonna meet you all.

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