Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Real Love.


And I’m not daydreaming nor am I just trying to bring up an issue. I am seriously in love.  And I feel sooo LIKE AN ANGEL today. ^^
I honestly missed this feeling. You know, the inspiration… It isn’t everyday that I get to meet and see a man who would always enlighten my day and would always give me reason to smile amidst all the hardships each day gives.
He isn’t perfect. He isn’t as beautiful as any Super Junior members. He’s no match when compared to Leeteuk (for of course, the angel is incomparable)But I love himwith all my heart, with all of me.
He is my shock absorber, my anti-depressant, my stress reliever, myhappiness, my security, my life, my everything. And though we couldn’t have the chance to talk about what we really are, I know he feels that he means this much to me.
Yeah, we’re not together.  And I’m not stupid not to admit that I’m hoping for something to start between us. But I’m happy and contented with what we have now. We need not to say how much we love each other because we feel it already.
We don’t talk about it. I have no plans of bringing it up to him. But I just want to share my thoughts. And just in case he’ll pass by this entry, then he will understand that I don’t long for anything. I just want to love him with all of me. :)
And everything’s enough. (“-_-)

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