Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Best Example

There is too much in this picture.
I know he’s tired. The day this picture was taken, he (with Heechul and Yesung) were said to shoot a new TV program and afterwards, they went to their respective radio programs. It was tiring. I don’t know if there are any schedules he had to attend to in between filming, but yeah, he was tired.
This may look funny. He tried to be funny. But instead of laughing, I feel proud.
You see, I don’t think this is scripted. I think one person really took a shot of Jungsoo sleeping in the couch. There’s his cellphone and there’s this picture too:
Now you realize what I’m trying to say?
I did the best choice of loving this man.
Jungsoo is no ordinary person. He’s a superstar. He’s world-renowned. He’s the leader of a world-famous Korean boy band.
But look at him – he’s sleeping in the lounge, without a pillow, with his mouth open.
Truly, Jungsoo does not just inspire us all with how he handle everything as a leader. He sets a good example in keeping his two feet firmly on the ground. He stays humble. He stays ordinary.
I wish we all see the lesson in these pictures. I wish we get to understand how important it is to stay low in spite of all the popularity we gain.
I know we’ve all seen glorious pictures of Park Jungsoo – smiling, half-naked, or serious. But to me, these are the best ones.
No pretensions, no scripts, just plain truth.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Just Have to Say This

First and foremost, this is just my observation. I do not intend to hurt anyone nor embarrass my fellow ELF. For once, I just want to step out of my shoes and wear somebody else’s. Because we coexist and though I always say that I don’t care about how others will feel just as long as I get to do what I want, I still do.
I don’t know with the other countries but I’m seriously getting fed up with some ELF here in the Philippines. Annoyed would be a better and more understandable term, I suppose. Uh, it’s not something personal but it’s just that they’re being way too full of themselves – to the extent that they’re becoming foolish already.
You see, ELF is not the only fandom in this world. There are million others who don’t even know who Super Junior is. There are millions who don’t even care about the group’s existence. There are millions of us. But you see, we don’t own the world for liking Super Junior.
My point here is: we have to be a little sensitive. Our lives may be run by our love for Super Junior and they might mean the world to us. But do we really need to assume and compete with other fandoms just to prove it? I mean, Super Junior is Super Junior. And they are number one because we believe that they are number one. We put them on the top spot. We look up to them as they stand there above us all. They’re in a pedestal. They’re our heroes, our princes, our angels…
And surprise, the same thing goes with others.
Truth is: I think this is the reason why fan wars and accusations of eliteness are rampant. So if fans of other groups wouldn’t realize, I hope that somehow, ELFs will do – especially those in the Philippines.
Simple: DON’T EXAGGERATEDLY RELATE EVERYTHING YOU SEE WITH SUPER JUNIOR. And I emphasize on the bolded adjective. You know, I’m living this fantasy as my real life too and I’m not coming clean. But somehow, I understand that ‘too much’ is bad for everyone.
Let’s not be exaggerated. Let’s not put the name of this fandom to shame.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To Yuxing-Unnie… And to all the People Who Have Been Reading this Blog.

Haha. I have just told you one thing I have always wanted to say. And I’m telling you again that whenever you give your insights about my articles, whether it is in agreement or in contrast of what I said, I am delighted. I’m seriously delighted.
Because through you, I am convinced that there is someone who pays attention to the attention-seeking, trying hard writer that I am. Because of you, I started believing that I have thoughts worth sharing and though not technically, I am worth listening to. Because of you, I knew more things I’m good at.
Whenever I get lonely and I need someone to tell me that everything’s gonna be okay, you’re always there. Though we’re literally oceans apart and I don’t think we’ll be meeting each other in person anytime soon, nothing compares to the friendship we have. Through thick and thin, I know you’re there.
And with that, I just want you to know that I’m sticking with you. I have always wanted to say this to you again but I guess, my busy schedule and my shyness always gets in the way. This may sound so funny as how it did before but I just want to remind you that people come and go out of my life like a fast-paced story. Most people I love chose to leave me hanging and it hurt me. I am that unfortunate and I don’t know what I did in my past life to deserve such hate. But I am proud to say that I am unfortunate with romance but when it comes to friends, and I mean REAL FRIENDS, I know I’m the luckiest bitch in the world.
If not, I wouldn’t have known you.
Of course, there are lots of other people who play the same role as yours in my life. But you know what? I don’t look at people similarly. I find the differences and you are one of those who stand out.
Maybe it’s because you are my first foreign friend. Maybe it’s because I find it amazing how we both can understand each other’s personality even though we haven’t met yet. Maybe it’s because I see myself in you – only, a Singaporean version.
Yes, that’s how it is. I see myself in you and I am sure that I have told you this already. It’s not a compliment, I know. I wouldn’t even blame you if you find it insulting. But that truth remains. You are my other person and I am just so glad that you’re there.
I remember, it’s that article about miracles which drew you to my blog. If I remember it correctly, I said there that if a person encounters a miracle and it does not suit his taste and definition of the word, it is eternally rejected. Now, I’m telling you that I am thankful to God that I knew that fact beforehand. If I didn’t, I bet I’ll be living a life without you on it.
Thank you for being a miracle to me, Unnie. Thank you.
And to people who have subscribed to this blog, not just because of that crappy SS3 Manila FAQs, but because they find my articles worth the read, I KNOW I CAN NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH. I believe in miracles and I am just so lucky to have you all around.
Big group hug?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Just Please Be Fine.

Why are you such an angel, Cho Kyuhyun? You got into an accident when you collided with a truck on your way to your rehearsals. You got bruises and wounds. Yet you tweeted ‘I’m Sorry.’ because you won’t make it like how you promised. Why exactly are you like this?
Geez. My hands trembled when I learned that just this morning, Kyuhyun got into an accident again. I panicked even more when I learned that his car collided with a truck. It’s not really something to be taken lightly and coolly upon knowing. Considering that Kyuhyun had been in a serious accident before and I could have lost the chance to know him this well.
You see, I would rather hear news about Super Shows coming to an end this year than getting nervous and worried because a member got into something terrifying again.
My coherence got affected. I know I’ll never be fine and my heart will never be at ease unless I see a picture proving that Cho Kyuhyun is fine.
Kyuhyun-ah! I don’t need to see pictures of you performing for that musical (though I know that it breaks your heart to be not there.) Just please… Just please be fine.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011




Yours is the Beauty I’ll Never Get Tired Of.

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Park Jungsoo.
Why can’t I get enough of you? Everything you do, everything you are – it’s blinding me. It keeps me from seeing other things but you. You make me focus. You make me forget everything else. You make sure that it’s only you… it only has to be you.