Saturday, May 28, 2011

An Ultimate Correction

It’s not like I’m elite or whatever. I don’t intend to interfere with anything people plan to do for the boys, but I just have something to correct, ultimately. And I am asking for your kind understanding towards whatever I’m gonna say, since it basically touched all the nerves in me.


Even if he enlists to the army, he is still and will always be a member of Super Junior – much more, the leader.
It’s not something to generalize about. We can’t even be sure that he’s going his way as a military man after his 29th birthday. Assumptions are there, of course. But it can never be proven unless Jungsoo announces that he is indeed taking a temporary absence.
Yes, absence. Meaning, no quitting, no leaving, nothing.
It’s about time that we get to be wary of what we’re saying. Not everything can be funny, after all.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sing, Hyukjae! Sing!

I have thought about this before and voiced it out already, but until now I can’t seem to convince a lot of people that Lee Hyukjae is more than just a rapper. He has one of the sweetest voices I’ve ever heard in my entire life. If not for the Hitomi wo Tojite and Kiss Goodbye performances, I can actually say that he sings better than Jungsoo.
I understand that his voice sounds ordinary. But apparently, this is because most of us have paid attention to the fact that he is the main rapper of the group. Don’t get me wrong, he makes me go wild when he raps – especially when he uses his nasal voice. But truth is he does the same thing to me when he sings.
Listen to SJ Happy’s You and I. Wait for the part where Hyukjae sings while Shindong raps. It comes after Yesung’s part. The softness of the voice, the sweetness of the vibrato, the quality of the sound he produces – it never fails to make me speechless and it always compels me to click on the seek bar of my player and repeat those few seconds over and over again.
Remember his SS3 solo? When he sang Down? I swear it was awesome. Well, aside from the fact that he dances well and his English was a lot better than how it was in Full House, that remarkable performance is one glorious moment for the history of Super Junior.
Seriously, Lee Hyukjae has a potential which is yet to be unveiled. And SM, I couldn’t wait until you give him a solo song.

Of Smiles and Laughter

As I was trying to clean my laptop and get rid of useless documents, I came across this .pdf file and all of a sudden, everything came back to me.
It was the SS3 Manila Fanchant Compilation. The one I compiled as a contribution to the activities and projects dedicated to Super Junior during Super Show 3 Manila. I felt nostalgic all of a sudden. Well, I guess that can’t be helped. After all, it’s one of the most useful – as I’ve seen it – things I’ve done for them.
As I look back on the past, I realized that somehow, I managed to do something. Somehow, I got to compensate for what I failed to do when they first went here for SS2. And I think I did a good job this time.
I remember the pressure that compilation gave me. Truth is I had to quit my job to fully concentrate on that. HAHA! I know it’s absurd but I managed to give back to myself anyway. I am currently employed and I think it’s the best work. So somehow, we can say that this compilation was of help to me.
Before I go random, I just want to thank again those who made use of the SS3 Manila Compilation. It’s not too much of a project but I am really, really overjoyed when I saw many of you guys holding it, reviewing it and sharing it to your friends. You see, it’s the only thing that can prove me that I succeeded. And I have all of you to thank.
As we all know, SS3 Manila was a huge success. It was a great experience for all of us and for Super Junior as well. Up to now, I can’t still get over the fact that the fanchants became useless because we actually sang the songs. It was downright hilarious but you see, it’s what made us all proud. And I hope, I really do hope, that somehow, behind the sing-along experience, my compilation did something.
What the fuck is happening with me? I’m laughing on my own reminiscing that night. And just now I realize, I should have brought a copy of the compilation had I known that I will be stalking the boys at the hotel and I’ll be seeing Heechul and Henry up-close. HAHAHA!
Oh, don’t mind me. This happens when I remember something great and Super Junior’s ANGEL is playing on the background.

Fail Segue

What’s wrong with me? OMG. HAHAHA! The song ‘Angel’ is in loop and it’s the only song in my playlist right now. And if you can only see me tonight, you would actually question if I’m still sane or have I lost my mind already.
I swear I couldn’t stop smiling.
It’s the same thing that happened when I first heard this song. I felt so flattered and I couldn’t really contain the joy. It was really manifested on me during the whole day I was in the office. If I could just scream and shriek, I would. And until now, I want to but I couldn’t. Or my mom would come here in my room and scold me again for sure.
But really, this song has casted a smiling and laughing spell on me. And just like before, I think it has something to do with the title. I mean, everybody knows that my name is Angel and yes, it’s the title of the song.
However, I think it’s the awesomeness of the song which drives me to insanity. Well, in a good way of course. I mean, I don’t get all the lyrics. But on rare times that I do, it gives me this feeling that the boys are just there.
You see, I’m a thousand miles away from them. They don’t even know I exist! (unless Heechul remembered that creepy girl who touched his arms on the hotel. HAHAHA!) But I feel like they’re just beside me. I feel like they know me.
This is not a selfish claim. It’s just that somehow, I feel proud to realize that this is the power which allows me to hold on to them. Everybody knows that it’s not easy to give this fandom up. Everybody knows that once we’re here, there’s no way out. And I think this is the reason why.
Though they do not know us, they make us feel loved. Because in everything that they do, we find ourselves on it. We end up being involved. Even though it is just a product of our own imaginations, everybody should just admit that at one point, our paths intersect.
How do I explain it? I just want to say that I have just realized that the reason why I cannot let go of Super Junior is because they cannot let go of me too. This actually applies to all of us here. They have this power of making us all feel special. Like all songs, all gestures, all things they say and do – it’s all for us.
Because they love us.
I’m not just making myself believe. I’m not just assuming. I am saying what I am feeling and it’s the best thing of all. Now I understand why Donghae referred to us as the Everlasting Friends. Because we are not fans. We are actually parts of their lives.
So fellow ELFs, let’s not dwell on competing against other fandoms. Because you see, we’re lucky on our own rights. We have the boys, and it’s all that matters.

Monday, May 23, 2011

So Mesmerized.


I wonder why he has to be this beautiful. I wonder where he actually got his genes from – from his parents or from some heavenly creatures.
His eyes, his smile, his nose, everything about him. It mesmerizes me. It got me off my feet. It makes my mind wander off to paradise.
I’m lost for words. I just want to make my thoughts known.
This doll.. is so beautiful.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wish That It’s Otherwise.

I’m not against SM Town Philippines. Truth is, it could be one of the best things that could ever dawn upon us. Imagine seeing all the artists of SM Entertainment passing through our airport exits, staying in our luxurious hotels, shopping on our local malls, performing live before our very eyes – breathing the same air we breathe, walking on the same land we walk on. None could ever be more exciting than that.
But come to think of it, it’s not yet the right time for that.
Unless it comes from reputable concert producers or from SM Entertainment (or the artists themselves), please do not believe the rumor that there will be a SM Town concert here.
Okay. People may argue that this post is selfish because SS3 Manila has just been concluded here, but that’s actually my point. Judging it all from what happened on SS3 Manila, I don’t think having SM Town here – this early – is actually a good idea.
Let’s put it in Tagalog: Yung sa SS3, ang tagal ng ibinigay na palugit sa fans para makapag-ipon, ang daming naging problema dahil sa laki ng presyo ng tickets eh. Ang daming nagreklamo na ang mahal masyado, tapos nagpepetisyon pa tayo ng SM Town. Hindi naman sa sinasabi kong ELF lang ang bubuhay sa SM Town kasi alam kong mas marami sa Pilipinas ang Sones, Shawols at Cassies (at Traxians). Kaya lang, kumbaga sa ginagawang bahay, malambot pa yung semento natin para tuntungan.
I’m not bursting bubbles. I’m merely stating a fact. I would love to have SM Town here. I seriously would love to have them around. But with the set up we have here, believe me: it’s not yet the right time.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


It’s not that this is a positive review which made me post it here. But just so you know, this came from an ELF’s parent who got to watch SS3 Vietnam, and this – so far – is the most honest, most objective and most beautiful ‘fan account’ I’ve ever read – only, it’s not from a fan at all. (THE BOLDFACED PARAGRAPHS ARE A MUST READ.)
I escorted my daughter to watch Super Junior out of fear of the chaos like the time in Hanoi*, also to see how is it that the Korean showbiz can drive teenage girls all over the world crazy? After the show, my daughter (13 years old) couldn’t sleep for several nights from joy.
Newspapers bashed the E.L.F too much, so I sat down and write a little something about Super Junior.
While studying abroad, I once persuaded my “wife-to-be” to come watch football at the stadium. Even though she hated football and crowded places but she agreed to go anyway to satisfy my passion for football. That day an Italian football club played against one from Ukraine. The crowd was wild, needless to say, but I concentrated on the game since I was used to the frenzy. But then my wife only watched… the audience, because of their methodical and vigorous cheering from both sides, making even one who knows nothing about football extremely excited and, when returned home, she couldn’t sleep not because of football, but because of the audience.
It was my turn last Saturday.
All comparisons may be inaccurate but I could say that except for when Vietnamese football supporters dyed the streets red with flags to celebrate victory, I have never seen anything similar in Vietnam, when thousands of people wearing sapphire blue shirts and cheered together, sang together to every song despite being in Korean, Chinese or English in such unity, such enthusiasm. They called out every name, knew every one of the boys with very similar faces and a bit… feminine, even from a long distance away. But above all, all those support happened with discipline and completely organised, not just because the majority of the audience were young girls. I have produced many rock concerts, where the frenzy was significantly greater, but I’ve never seen the unity and devotion in such a cute, orderly and civilised way. Leaving aside national pride and colours of football, then where did that power come from?
1. Show business “Made in Korea”: The reasoning and character of Korean people won’t be discussed here, but their thoughts about business and professionalism is very clear, creative and methodical. This is why their artists, their cinema have gone all over the world in every market segments of the entertainment industry. They see it as business, and every business has to have a methodical plan, has to have investment and profit. This profit, apart from financially, is also CULTURE.
2. Market segment: The directors of Super Junior defined their goal very clearly: attacking the niche market that has much potential, which is the TEENAGERS – FEMALE – ASIA. Their way of pursuing this niche is by recruiting multi-talented boys to form a boyband. They can sing, play instruments, compose and perform in many platforms, doesn’t place too much importance on genre of music, isn’t too elaborating on educational values and especially using a large number [of members]. The amazing thing is that they could manage such a number in the same style and with such unity and harmony, while still having specific tactics like Super Junior-T, Super Junior-M… for different markets.
3. Building an image: These teenage idols are formed as HOTBOYS, who can not only sing and dance well, but is also funny, cheerful, always loving each other and caring for everyone but most importantly, must not have feelings for any specific girl. Even in the video clips made for the stage, there wasn’t a single image of another teenage girl having feelings for them, only them together or with little girls as sisters in the family, or even only with pets… They always show to the fans that their most beloved is E.L.F and every girl would imagine that they are loved most, but only in the teenage way, which means platonically rather than with very “private” actions. And they always perform with all their might, despite rain storms, slipperiness or dangers to their health to bring happiness to their audience.
4. A strong fanclub, widely distributed and well-organised: Super Junior’s E.L.F are tightly connected not only in Asia but all over the world. They don’t just share their passion of Super Junior, but also do many meaningful things to help each other and become friends in real life. Before Super Junior came to Vietnam, there were many doubts about the success of the concert from overseas E.L.F, especially when the show was moved from Ho Chi Minh City to Binh Duong and after the Hanoi fiasco. But V-E.L.F were determined to prove to fellow fans everywhere and to Super Junior that Vietnamese fans are just as wonderful, and they have succeeded when they turned the whole of Go Dau Stadium into a sapphire blue sea. I have to say that Super Junior’s fanclub have given themselves a name that couldn’t be more adorable, not simply as “Super Junior’s fanclub” but as “Everlasting Friends”. Too sweet!
5. Professional production and organisation: There isn’t a need to say much about the production team from Korea, China and Malaysia. They had produced all of the previous Super Shows and are top-classed professionals with many experiences of show production, so it is easy to understand the perfection of the stage, sound and light systems. The biggest praise goes to VietVision Company from Vietnam led by Ha Anh Tuan*. Young men who are passionate and aspire to bring Vietnamese showbiz to a new level by organising shows with hot names from the Asian entertainment industry as well as the world, accepting losses of money and energy to learn and work with the most professional teams even though they have encountered so many difficulties, to a point where they thought they had to cancelled the show four times. One could say that Super Show 3 is the most successful concert from foreign artists in Vietnam up to now from the processes of promotion, fanclub, organising ticket sales, organising security and performance. This is truly a precious experience for the growing show business of Vietnam.
6. Praises and criticisms: Many complained that the kids went overboard with their love for the idols, comparing it to their love for family, and parents. Some said that those actions are a disgrace to the nation, that the group is ordinary, why bother so much… and other such heavy criticisms. Some critics disregarded Super Junior’s performance as mediocre, even distasteful and obnoxious… The E.L.F and other teenagers lashed back just as fiercely. 
But had anyone done anything to make these teenage girls this happy before? Each person has the right to like or dislike and has their own opinions, but despite praising or criticising one has to have an open mind to UNDERSTAND that society is just as colourful and people’s interests are very different. Besides that, when one understands the thoughts and feelings of teenagers, especially young girls, it is easier to approach and share their passions in life, especially when they’re forming their characters to prepare and step into and independent lives, and learning about love. Furthermore, one has to be there and submerged themselves in the atmosphere of those concerts to be able to feel why people are so ecstatic, thrilled and how they were brought closer together. That is when it isn’t simply entertainment anymore, but is a much wider, much more thought-provoking area of society.
*referring to MTV Exit 2010, where newspapers reported that around 10 people fainted in the audience.
*a popular Vietnamese singer who’s also the vice-president of VietVision.
Translated by: WaterGirl25 @ twitter
Thank you for your hard work @WaterGirL25 
ERRATUM (Angel’s Note:) This was taken from

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Will Never Regret Liking KPOP

I’ve been asked – sometimes, ridiculed – by a lot of people already for being this addicted to KPOP, particularly to Super Junior. I don’t know why they have to intervene and question my interests when it’s very easy to just mind one’s own business.
Nevertheless, their constant condemnation – of what I believe is the best thing that ever happened to me – has brought me to thinking: WHY DO I LIKE KPOP?
The answer has been clear to me since day one. But only this afternoon did I fully understand why I would rather sing songs which lyrics I can’t understand than be awed by some Hollywood singers who – I think – can’t write even just a single song for themselves.
Not that I’m coming clean and not that I’m putting KPOP (particularly Super Junior in the pedestal). Until now, I’m still a fan of some American pop groups. But it’s just that I want people to understand why liking and indulging in KPOP will never make one less of a person.
Okay. So here’s my defence: I don’t understand the lyrics of a KPOP song right away. It’s the melody that speaks to me first. And this is one basic thing why I will always choose KPOP over Hollywood RnB: KPOP music is real music to me.
You see, listening to the melody exercises my critical judgment. It makes me think of what the song is all about. It makes me wonder. It makes me imagine. This is actually what I do. Before I ransack the internet for the translation of the song, I formulate my own translation first.
That… is magic to me. And that is what I cannot really find in Hollywood RnBs. In KPOP, though auto-tuning of voices are rampant and not everybody’s good in English, I can sense the emotion on the song. It’s real music to me. Not plain beats, not plain raps.
Furthermore, there’s real meaning behind every song. And I can feel it. I don’t go wondering where the tune and the words came from.
Second reason: RESPECT. Admit it or not, KPOP idols are FAR MORE RESPECTFUL than HOLLYWOOD STARS. This is a personal opinion and I know that most Filipinos know what I am talking about. (Those who don’t, CD is a clue.) I can’t generalize, especially with the truth that one of Super Junior have once been involved in a controversy similar to that I’m referring to; but really, I still won’t regret choosing Super Junior over that kid.
Because in Super Junior (and in KPOP), I have seen how artists respect their fans. Their sincerity cannot be questioned. Whenever they perform, they don’t make it obvious that they’re sick. They might be quite demanding during tours but they make sure that they give back to what they ask for. In airports, though they get mobbed and their cars get chased, they still find time to wave, smile, and make pa-cute to fans who waited for them either under the scorching heat or in the midst of bad weather.
KPOP idols are superstars, as well. Though they are subjected to racism, THEY ARE STILL SUPERSTARS IN THEIR OWN RIGHTS AND IN THE EYES OF THOSE WHO BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE. They are equally talented – if not more – and at par with the Hollywood singers they’re being compared with.
Seriously, this post could be meaningless; and it may have set your minds off to wandering. But this is a message which I would want to make known: Please stop bashing KPOP and the people who love it. Because in a way, it is much better than what you think it is.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Fuck With Popularity.

I am getting annoyed, like seriously. I don’t know what came to me but I just want to discuss something, which I think all Tumblr citizens must realize and understand.
What the fuck is wrong with being Tumblr-famous and why are you hating on people that have lots of followers?
Geez. I shouldn’t be talking about this because I’m not being bashed nor am I Tumblr-famous. (I have followers not even close to 100!) It’s just that I’m getting annoyed with what’s happening with Claud.
Okay. She’s amphaetaemin on Tumblr and lately – no – for a while, I’ve been seeing her reply to a lot of gray blobs we refer to as ‘anons’ whose messages are full of bashings and hate. They’re accusing Claud of being selfish, rude, boastful and stuffs like that. And I was just like… ‘What the fuck is wrong with these people?’
First and foremost, I have just known Claud through Tumblr. So I know the feeling of seeing her post her edits and personal thoughts. Everytime I go online, she’s on my dashboard. But never – and I mean, never – did I ever thought of her as boasting and being selfish. You see, I’m sensitive with things like that. I am usually a fault-finder and I easily get annoyed with people. But with Claud, I didn’t find anything to dislike.
I personally met Claud on a KPOP event, I really think she’s nice. And then during SJ Fiesta, when she suddenly hugged me and whispered that she saw Donghae at the airport, I was like… ‘How sweet can this child be?’
So basically, I cannot understand why Claud has to receive such harsh treatments from people who can’t even show their faces. Why must she be called names when she’s just a simple teenager who is merely enjoying her life as a fan of Super Junior? Why must she be emotionally abused by beasts hiding behind anonymity?
This goes not just for Claud, but for all the people who are being treated the same way. I have been missing a few people already who quit Tumblr because of bashing. It’s one of the most absurd things happening. And those who are doing  it are worthless, really.
I went to Tumblr because I thought its citizens are one. When I first came, it was pure of love. But now, it has been infested by ruthless and coward individuals who are acting cool by bashing people. Geez. Grow up. If you want to say something, show your face. Show your page. Don’t hide behind the graciousness of being anonymous, because it makes you more pitiful.
Everyone, Tumblr was once a good place. It was supposed to be a happy community. But if hate – due to envy, insecurity and selfishness – will prevail, I guess there’s really no safe place on the Internet anymore.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Are You an ELF?

Ate Yan was here a while ago. We were spazzing over Heechul’s wit on the past Dangyunhaji games when she told me about this video. I have read this before but I never thought that it’ll affect me more than how it did, when read and seen in video.
And as the video ends, Ate Yan and I agreed upon the thought that if there is something which should be mandatory for all self-declaring ELF to know, it is this message.