Thursday, December 29, 2011

All Efforts Paid Off

I knew this was going to happen. After the news was published in Naver and in AKP, I knew the fact that Super Junior had topped the album charts in the Philippines for 9 consecutive album releases will be known to the members...


Now, imagine the joy.

I know that a lot of my friends are judging me right now. After several weeks of spazzing over other groups and disregarding Super Junior (but lol guys, it was never easy doing that when it's intentional), here I am feeling so friggin' proud that my ultimate bias and the leader of (still) the best group [for me] has actually tweeted about the news. 

There are two reasons why I am crying for joy right now.

I bet there is no way Jungsu will forget the Philippines anymore. I'm not bullying the leader or anything (nor am I mad at him) but you know, there are certain times when he tends to forget the Philippines. It's really not an issue to me although sometimes, I get kinda hurt because I feel like our efforts are not recognized. But now, with this, I don't think we would be left behind when it comes to his speeches and thoughts now.

The Philippine ELF did it.

Let me not dwell on the issue about who supported the local releases and who ridiculed the idea because it will not count in Hanteo. I have the comments reserved for my very personal opinions. But let me talk about the fact that this is a rare thing for us, Filipino fans.

As we all know, the Philippines is a third-world country. Even if we got to enjoy two Super Shows already, everybody knows that most fans from here are struggling. But look at what we have done. I am not really boasting (though I sound like one) but one thing that I really like about the Philippine ELF is that we know what dedication is all about. YES, WE KNOW FULLY WHAT DEDICATION IS.

 The 9 consecutive albums garnered Super Junior with a history that is definitely difficult to topple. I bet one local artist is currently mocking the group, the fans, and the turnout at the moment; but that loser will just be a loser, so no worries about what he’s probably saying about this. Hehe. :>


This is something to be really, really proud of. But I hope that some Philippine ELF would not find this as an excuse to brag and boast on other groups’ fans. This is a recognition which we have all taken part in. Extra thanks should be given to fanclubs and fanbases who have exerted effort in promoting the local releases, though. So whether we bought it or we just helped in promoting (because we don't have money to buy), I raise my hat to all of you. 

Let this be a part of a glorious memory. Let this be a part of a very special history. I hope that with this, we managed to really make Super Junior feel loved and truly loved in the Philippines. I know that the boys value their fans' efforts so much so I pray that we also value the special meaning that this title holds. 

Congratulations, Super Junior!
Congratulations, Philippine ELF!

And to our dear leader,
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
You do not have any idea how much it means to me whenever you mention the Philippines on your tweets. I haven't even thanked you yet for getting inspiration from the Cebu inmates for your impressive MAMA performance.
So here's a double thanks to you. 
And yeah, no matter how much I fangirl over other guys, it never change...
I love you.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Super Junior: NUMBER ONE.

I guess the world doesn't need any explanations for this anymore.

Super Junior is really dominating the Philippines.
9 consecutive number ones for physical albums.
If only this would count in Hanteo. :D

Nonetheless, it's still a fact that Super Junior and Philippine ELF are at the number one spot in the country.
No pun intended. No boasting there.
Just plain truth.

And I am fucking proud.

Monday, December 19, 2011

On Shindong's Moves.

The critic in me overpowered my being an SJ-fan when I saw this teaser ad of Multi-Sung. Knowing that Shindong has a knack for this kind of editing styles, I want to believe that he became a one-man production for this. Since I used to edit videos too, I really can claim that this is one of the most simple yet most effective ad I've ever seen.

The artists who appeared count, of course. But the concept was kinda unexpected, especially that I think Shindong's starting an online shop. But it sure was catchy that people would really look forward to it, I bet. I especially liked it that Shindong just made these people mention 'Multi Sung,' and there, one of the greatest techniques in advertising (at least for me!) has been used: REPETITION. 

Okay. I'm gonna speak about what I learned: So repetition is the most basic yet the most tricky (that's why I refer to it as one of the greatest). It's cute to see people repeating the term, but if the execution or the concept of the whole ad isn't really interesting, repetition will turn out annoying. Shindong did a great save by asking famous people to say that, and using good video styles.

And as my friends say, "LET SHIN DONG HEE EDIT THE MUSIC VIDEOS OF SUPER JUNIOR!" Enough with the craps of dizzying MV's that are worse than fancams. HAHAHAHA!

I was kinda startled with people's comments about this teaser. Prior to this, Shindong photoshopped a picture of himself with Siwon's abs and some people didn't like it. They were accusing our Donghee of being a limelight-thief or attention-grabbing - which are quite off to me.

OMONATHEYDIDN'T's title: I KNOW MAJORITY OF US HATED SHINDONG BUT HE'S PLANNING SOMETHING BIG AND I'M INTERESTED ABOUT IT kind of surprised me. Though I truthfully do not question the title since I know how this cool site really is with their titles, I can't help but wonder for myself that are there really people who are still hating on Shindong?

I hope I am not the only one thinking about it... But don't you guys realize that Shindong is just being wise? I mean... whether we accept it or not, Super Junior is not an eternal group and being a member who believes (though I beg to disagree) that he might be nothing in the entertainment industry after the group breaks up, he's already starting businesses that would provide him with finances in the future.

Being a CEO is something serious for Shindong, or so I believe.

That is why I don't get it why people would hate on Shindong. Really. I mean, he's just doing this because he wants an assurance for himself and for his family that when the curtain closes, he will still be fine - financially. 

Furthermore, he is actually a good example! People should learn to be like him. Nowadays, we are really getting immersed with the present that we fail to look forward to the future and prepare for what might happen next. But Shindong's showing us that it is important to be ready. No one knows what the future holds, after all. ^^

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Losing Hope on GDA?

I mean it. I no longer want to care about the GDA. Seriously. I know that there are a lot of stuff happening around and it makes me just want to focus on the fact that at the end of each day, it is not the number of trophies that would measure the greatness of my boys. It will always be the memories and inspiration they have successfully engraved in the hearts of fans like us.

But as I think about this issue, I realized that I think - even for the last time - I would really have to fight for what I believe is right. Since this was already posted in SJ Market, I think there's no doubting anymore. I guess it's understandable that something is just not right. Some people are up for mischief and they are decided to drag not just Super Junior, but the whole fandom, down.

I know it's too early to conclude; but considering what happened on 2010, I would never cease to assume. My heart and mind are both enraged. This is not what Super Junior deserved. Based on how I see it, we are being deprived of the things we know we should receive, and we are becoming the underdogs in the story.

Yes, I don't care about the trophies. But I care about how these boys - who are working almost 24 hours a day - would feel when the chance of being the best group for the last time will be taken away from them. I would never ever let anyone ruin the name and reputation of a group who reached the top mostly on their own.

I don't know what kind of actions Korean ELF will do about this. As an international fan, I could only provide support them; and make people understand that there really is something wrong. No, I'm not involving any other group. I just want everyone to see what might really be happening.

And I wish the issue isn't real. I really wish.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Looking Forward to Christmas!

I never looked forward to Christmas. Yes, I'm happy that it happens and I take part in all religious practices for it wholeheartedly; but I don't really get excited when Christmas is coming near. Ever since I graduated high school, the Holiday Seasons has just been ordinary to me. No more excuses.

This is the reason why I wasn't excited when the news about the SMTown Winter Album came out. I spazzed and felt good when Snow White was released (believing that it sounded like a Christmas song) but it ended there. So I never would have thought that I will be changed by the newest song of Super Junior, which is SANTA, YOU ARE THE ONE.


It was supposed to be an ordinary Christmas carol, but I can never deny its effect on me. It's not just because it was sung by my favorite group and it was in pure English; but the song lyrics totally reflects what Christmas really should be: simple and happy. 

How did I say that?

The lyrics of the song made me go back to my childhood. When I considered the melody, I was stunned more by the realization that, yes, I missed being someone who gets giddy when Christmas comes near. I know I'm totally not making sense but I know that you know what I'm talking about. The song brought out what I've been trying to deny all my life - that I am still a kid who will hope for Santa to come on Christmas Eve with my gift.

Now let's go to the fact that Super Junior sang this song.

It's the title track for the Winter Album. Meaning, it represents everything else. This is one of the rare things that I really should thank their company for. It's not always that they give this opportunity to Super Junior. I don't know if this is how it really is; but somehow, I want to think that they gave this opportunity to our boys because they are finally recognizing the fact that at this very moment, SJ is their biggest stars.

As for the video, it was really great. Upon hearing the song, I told my friends that I wish that the music video would show light and fun scenes; and wish granted. Seeing them become so cute and lovely and everything nice, I can't help but really be thankful that I've been sharing the past Christmases with Super Junior and it just keeps getting better and better, EAR AFTER EAR year after year. hehehe

And the fact that HENRY and ZHOUMI were there made it just more terrific. I mean it. Seeing them in a video with the main group just feels so wonderful. They chose the right timing. Christmas is the season of acceptance and I just wish that people will realize that. The two did well and I'm so proud of them.

And Jungsu, babe, I'm just so proud of  you hitting those high notes and all.

Geez. I never thought I'd look forward to Christmas. Thanks, Super Junior, for making me normal again. ^^

Friday, December 9, 2011

Continuously Fearing. I Can't Imagine.

It's 1:00 AM. I have work in 8 hours and I know that I have to sleep. But somehow, my thoughts wouldn't really let me rest. In spite of the few days that I've been trying to stay away from anything that would remind me of the inevitable possibility, I go back to it at the end of each day.

Yeah, the fear that the time of separation is coming near overwhelms me. I've been trying to shake it off by indulging on other groups and disorienting myself from anything that has to something with Jungsu but I think, there's really no way out; and I am left with the fact that I'm probably just counting months before he officially enlists.

People who are not into the fandom would call me crazy and completely delusional; but I am the type of person who was never fascinated with goodbye. I have experienced a lot of it to claim that I never want to experience it again. I can't bear it if people I love leaves...

Especially when that person changed me.

I have learned to live life, depending on this fandom for happiness. I have managed to survive a one-sided and impossible love for the past three years. I have become someone I've always wanted to be because of an admiration which 'ordinary' people think is crazy. I have devoted half of my life to him, not to love me back, but to somehow just compensate with all the beautiful things he have endowed me with.

It will never be easy to let go. I would never find it easy to do so. Even if it's just two years, even if I know he's coming back - it will be just too difficult to handle. Though I know I'll carry on, I just couldn't imagine it happening.

Excuse me for being so random and emotional. I just have to let it all out again.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Snow White

video not mine

Recently, I've been feeling so depressed again over some matters. I feared. I got anxious. I was disappointed with myself. I didn't know what else to do to make myself feel and believe that everything's gonna be okay. 

But life really knows how to take me out of the darkness I'm in. Funny how the technique called 'Super Junior' never fails on me. Coz it took only a 4-minute song to paint a really authentic smile on my face.

'Baby don't cry, it's all right now.'

I couldn't really understand the song. It's only the English lines in which I depend on for the whole meaning of the song. And the melody, of course. It's wonderful. It's awesome. It's beautiful. It's everything positive I could ever think of right now for a song.

I don't wanna sound so delusional but every time Kyuhyun sings the part 'Baby don't cry, it's alright now.', I feel like he's talking to me. For the past days, I've been crying myself to sleep and spending the whole day contemplating on my depression - and I think this song has just convinced me to choose happiness again and believe that I can pull through.

The music's on loop right now. I think this will be the case for the whole day. :')

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Start of Goodbye.

Remember when I wrote something about Heenim's enlistment? I think I can now claim that I was right when I said that. At least for me, it is what's happening and tonight, I am feeling the exact emotions which overwhelmed me that very moment when I posted that entry.

Because as Jungsu says goodbye to KTR Sukira, I have this god-feeling that the strings of farewells before he enlists for the army has actually began.

This is actually the reason why I got really, really affected by the news that Jungsu's saying goodbye to Sukira. Heechul has gone through this series of endings too, so I know that the road we're taking right now is leading to the most dreaded hiatus due to enlistment.

I have been telling myself that I'll be fine, I'll be okay and I'll get by when Jungsu leaves. But I think I said that and I made myself believe in that because I don't want to sound like he is dictating my life already. But come to think of it, even if it's not manipulating my life, he greatly affects me in a way that I become a better a person. And there's no way that I'll be able to be in a good state when my guiding light disappears.

Yes, I live a life other than this fandom but I guess I cannot run from the fact that I am clueless as to how my life would be once Jungsu enlists. He has been my constant inspiration. Even if I get addicted and obsessed with other groups and idols, he will always be my home.

And with the start of goodbyes, I don't think I can really handle it well..

I Said I Wouldn't Cry...

Today marks the end of the 5 years and 3 months of DJ-ing for Jungsu and Hyukjae. After tonight, Super Junior Sukira KTR will be taken over by Sungmin and Ryeowook.

First and foremost, I do not oppose the two new DJs. I know they will do well. They have shown their capabilities already in the past few weeks and I am immensely grateful towards the staff of Sukira because they retained the name Super Junior in the show. They didn't give it to other groups and for that, I felt like there are still people who believe in my boys.

But even if I'm happy that I'll be seeing Sungmin and Ryeowook's cuteness more often, I cannot deny the fact that it feels sad to know that Jungsu and Hyukjae have to put down their DJ mics for the mean time.

I said I wouldn't cry. I feel like I don't have any rights to feel so because I wasn't there when it started and I wasn't even regularly watching them during Bora... But with the fact that I love these two very much, I guess I have to take my words back...

So yes, few minutes before the last broadcast of DJ EunTeuk, I am tearing up.

The truth is I am affected. They have set another history with this. It's another accomplishment for the group. The two hold the title of being the longest running DJ idols in the history of KPOP. For five years and three months, they have been part of the family of KTR and I know that it's gonna be difficult for them to leave...

because they loved the show.

Honestly, the tears that are flowing out of my eyes were brought by the thoughts that I know it's gonna be painful for them to say goodbye. I do not plan to watch the Bora since I fear like I'm gonna end up like how I did when Heechul said his farewells to Youngstreet.

But then, Jungsu said again that it's not gonna be an END. It's gonna be an AND. And I know that someday, even if not in Sukira anymore, I'm gonna see them again in a radio station, doing this thing which I know they're best at, being themselves every night... I know someday, we'll be able to go back to what we're gonna leave tonight.

I wish I could just tell them that even if I wasn't an avid listener; even if I wasn't there when it started... Their roles as DJ of KTR for the past years have left its marks in the hearts of the people who valued their words, their stories, their opinions, their jokes, their funny antics, their sweet nothings, their being themselves.

Kudos, DJ EunTeuk.. Whatever lies ahead, you know we'll always be right behind you. Good luck.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beyond Whatever for the Love of Super Junior

I've got to be honest. I wasn't expecting anything but I was terribly annoyed when Super Junior didn't even come out in the list of the nominees for Song of the Year and Artist of the Year. Fine, don't give the boys the award but scratching them off the list when everybody knows that they should be there is just damn beyond annoying, infuriating, and insulting.

But when they got the Album of the Year, I knew that I have to let this pass - no matter how difficult it is.

And yes, it was Jungsu's speech that made me calm down.

"Even when nobody acknowledges us; even when nobody wants to give us a hand... To the ones that made us the best, the world's very best fan club, ELF."
TRANS: MinnieBlues

When he said that, I was brought back to my senses. And I realized that at the end of each day, it's not these Mnet, GDA, MelOn, or any award-giving body that would determine the kind of artist Super Junior is. Ate Yan was right when she said that time will come that these trophies and recognition will become irrelevant; and the one that managed to change the lives of so many people will prevail.

"Hi Singapore, we've lived through our 20's with everyone, thank you. With many difficulties, with so many things happening, the members depended on each other; also the members who are not with us - the ones watching TV right now, and the ones far away from us, I love you guys. When no one acknowledge us, no one knew us, the best fanclub who made us the best; as fans, letting us feel the 'mightiness', ELF all over the world - I thank you again. 
We, Super Junior are ugly ducklings, until the day we became swans...
...This award could be the last we receive before enlistment, it's an unforgettable awards ceremony; we will continue being a hardworking Super Junior. Thank you everybody."
- Leeteuk
TRANS: Psycho蝉儿

Then when I read Jungsu's full speech, I remembered this post in KPOPSecrets on Tumblr where the fandoms were compared. While everybody was fighting for the top spot, there is Triple S who are contented with what SS501 gives them. Through that, I was reminded of my previous posts. I was one of those people who were trying so hard to unite everyone (although to no avail) and yet, I went off-track just because Super Junior didn't win two out of five awards. (SJ's nomination is still an issue to me!)

Actually, it is difficult to accept that attempts to humiliate Super Junior are rampant. I'm not exaggerating when I said 'humiliating' because that is what I see. Many try to bring them down in order to put others on top; and I am not saying this just because I am a devoted fan. I just want to be fair.

I know I can't be like my Triple S friends who can keep calm despite everything. For a fandom that is always placed under the scorching criticisms of the world and for an idol-fans relationship that is always tested by fate, what they're doing is quite difficult to do. It's terribly distracting when it's us against the world, most of the time.

But the great compensation lies on the fact that we are battling against all these heartaches and frustrations... together. I can never be sure but when Siwon said that they're gonna give the best to us, ELF, because we deserve only the bests; I knew right then and there that we can move mountains together.

Their tears are as precious as their smiles to me. That's why when they got emotional on stage, I melted on my seat and told myself that with the remaining time I have with them, I would stop thinking of things that would just pain us all. If 'magic' would occur once again and we will be deprived of things we deserve, I'll just whine a little and probably let karma take control. Because I want to convince myself and others - as well - that since we do not know anymore what is going to happen next, then we might as well have to figure out how to make the most out of everything we have left.

"If the tears we shed when we received newcomer award were tears of grief after rising from trainees, today's tears are tears of happiness that we will be able to do better in the future."
- Leeteuk
TRANS: Heequeenting

People, life becomes more unfair when people attempt to treat everyone equally. But it is the attitude of those who are weakened that matters most. We all may have felt that Super Junior deserved those awards. But for Blackjacks, 2ne1 deserved that too. That's the course of life which I think we all forgot for a moment. Thank God for our boys that I managed to revive myself again.

What is important is that Super Junior bagged three awards: Singapore Popularity Award, Best Male Group Award, and Best Album of the Year. As some people have said, the Album of the Year is the highest award (since it's the last given) because no album would be great if the single and the artist isn't. I guess, we all just have to struggle among ourselves to accept that fact.

At the end of the day, awards wouldn't matter. So long as the boys owned the night and as long as we continuously believe in them - DESPITE EVERYTHING ELSE, it's still ours.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Definitely Unforgivable.

Gagamit ako ng Tagalog dahil naniniwala akong sa Pilipinas nagmula ang isyu. At ayokong isali yung mga taga-ibang bansa.

Kagabi, sinubukan akong tawagan ng kaibigan ko; kaso hindi ko hawak ang cellphone ko buong araw kaya gabi ko na napansin. Nung nagtext ako kung bakit, isang nagpapanic na reply ang natanggap ko. Nakatanggap raw siya ng isang pambwisit na text tungkol kay Jungsu at syempre, kaming mga stans ng lider ang una niyang tinawagan.

Hindi ko malagay dito yung mismong mensahe kasi nasa English. Pero ang direct translation:

"Wala na si SJ Leader Leeteuk. 12:45KST. Carcrash sa SG."

Sa simula't simula, alam kong imposible. Pero para don sa kaibigan kong hindi naman stan ng SJ, kinabahan siya. Halos nanginginig na raw siya sa bus habang pauwi kaya tinatawagan niya kami. E kaso nga, hindi kami sumasagot kaya akala niya totoo. 

Hinde, hindi sa madali siyang mapapaniwala. Madaling maintindihan yung reaksyon niya dahil hindi naman siya talaga fan ng lider. Nung nabasa ko yung mensahe, alam ko naman agad na di totoo.

Pero yung dugo ko, umakyat hanggang ulo.

Hindi nakakatuwa ang balitang ipinakalat kagabi. Kung si Lee Hyori nga, badtrip na badtrip nung nabalita sa Twitter na patay na siya eh. Si Jungsu pa kaya? Naaksidente na minsan si Jungsu. Muntik na siya mamatay non gaya ni Kyuhyun. Kaya kahit san mo tingnan, walang nakakatawa sa mga ikinalat kagabi.

Sa mga walang kwentang taong nagpakalat: Ang sakin lang, wag niyong gagawing biro yung buhay ng isang tao kung hindi niyo naman siya personal na kaibigan. Kung yung mga magbabarkada nga, nagkakapikunan pa pag ganyang usapin eh. Yun pa kayang alam ng lahat na malapit sa ganong posibilidad? 

Sigurado, tagasunod din kayo ng KPOP. Kung hindi, hindi niyo malalaman na nasa SG ang Super Junior. Pwedeng may nagsabi sa inyo, pero siguradong may hinahangaan kayong grupo sa KPOP. Sana... Sana wag niyong mabalitaan sa mga idols niyo yon. 

Nakakapundi. Ang dami niyong load at ang dami niyong oras para magkalat ng mga ganito. Wag niyo kong dadahilanan na 'trip' lang ang ginawa niyo dahil kahit anong klaseng trip yan, HINDI NAKAKATUWA. Hindi na simpleng usapin ng pagiging fangirl to. Yung mga ganyang gawain na yung magpapatunay kung may pinag-aralan ang tao o wala. 

Ewan ko. Hindi ko gustong patulan, lalo pa't mas napatunayan naman nating hindi totoo. Pero sana... sana lang talaga. Tantanan niyo kami. Habambuhay nalang, SJ at ELF ang pupuntiryahin? Ganyan kayo kabitter samin? 

Naknampucha naman o.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I Never Intended To Miss Him This Much...

As much as I wanted to act like I am okay - fearing the incessant judgement and ridicule of people, depression took its toll on me and I guess that there is no way out of this state than admitting that I badly miss Jungsu.

Recently, I've been feeling a lot of stress because Super Show 4 has kicked off and up to this moment, there are only four countries confirmed for the show. Philippines is not in the list and it freaking drives me crazy to think of the possibility that my country may not get to enjoy this wonderful event.

Furthermore, the first day of SS4 in Seoul got me blank when Jungsu announced that he'll be entering the army next year. This was supported by some Taiwan news (and I don't know how they confirmed it) stating that the leader will most likely be joining the concert tour until April only.

It drove me insane because if that is true, we're left with five months; and with the uncertainty of SS4 happening in my country, I feel like I'm running out of time.

The way I feel right now is no joke. Actually, I have been telling myself for quite some time now that it is no longer healthy to stan the leader like this. But apparently, there's really no way out. Every time I try to ruin the reputation Jungsu had implanted on my mind from the year I made him my bias up to this moment, more and more reasons materialize in my heart to keep on holding on.

And now I'm missing him more than ever. It has been 9 months since I saw him and held his hand at the concert. I want that to happen again. I want to see him performing live, dancing in the stage, having fun, smiling brightly, and looking around the whole Araneta for his fans...

I want him to come again to Manila. :'(

Nine months. Yes, it has only been nine months and I'm feeling this nostalgic. I wonder how it would feel if he has to serve the army for two years. Experiencing it from Kangin and Heechul, it could probably be easy but I could never be sure when it's about Jungsu.

People may assume I'm crazy but I don't know. I just wish I could laugh it all off. But yeah, I just need to see him again.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Going Desperate.

VIA @showsu

Ate Yan pointed it out. In the microphone accent, in the globe, at the center - there's Philippines. My country, the nation which is currently pleading for another chance to see the boys in a Super Show.

I want to see this as a positive premonition. I want to believe that along with the thought that they said 'Salamat,' it is a sign that we will experience the show which dominates the whole world.

Yes, I am not losing hope. Even though I am preparing for the worst, I am still feeling even the tiniest bit of chance that there would be SS4 Manila.

And you know why I insists?

Because I want to feel belonged again. I want to feel complete again. I want to experience the rare and overflowing joy of being myself - even just for three to four hours. I want to convince myself that despite all the hardships I go through, I still deserve the best in life that is Super Junior.

I want to feel the ease of life - its rewards, its surprises. I want to understand how it is to be free from anxieties and to do things for myself, not for anyone else, again. I want to be carefree again.

But more than those, I want them to see that they are well-loved in the Philippines. I want to assure the boys that if the whole world turn their backs on them, they can find refuge in my country, with us.

So yeah, I need SS4 Manila. And please, let there be. :'(

Dream Come True :)

LOL at Mr. Su but never mind :) It's the thought that counts ^^

I think I'm doing a pretty good job with this. :) Once again, I'm not flaunting. I'm just proud that everything's official and I am now starting the reality of my dreams. :)

The kid Jungsu will be fostering is Jolito Ecling, a 4-year old kid. :) His birthday is close to mine and Jungsu and that made everything more special. ^^

Jolito isn't studying yet so all monetary donations I'll be giving will be intended for his family's survival. I hope he'll grow up well as a person like his foster dad and I hope he values education as much as I do. ^^


If you want to help, you can go check out their website HERE :) There are other ways through which you can help. :)

Perfect Husband

credits: leegoldie & reilasj2 @ youtube

Well, everything must have been scripted. They must have been filming WGM during the concert. Even if Sora doesn't know it, Jungsu must have prepared this surprise to increase the viewing rates of their show. 

But one thing that I noticed real is the sincerity of Jungsu to do this to his 'wife', Kang Sora.

I wasn't really the first one to approve this coupling but as I realized that they do suit each other, I started paying attention to Jungsu's indescribable way of being a husband. 

I don't know Jungsu personally but as how I do with the others, I can tell just by looking in his eyes that he feels giddy towards his 'relationship' with Sora. I know that aside from feeling proud of himself, Jungsu is really the type of person who enjoys committing Public Display of Affection. HAHA. No, seriously, I think he loves it when he gets the chance to show people how much he cares for someone. Being an artist, it's quite hard to deal with the fact that he can't do it openly. But with WGM, he's given the chance, so he's making the most out of it. ^^

I want to believe that there's something real going on between them but a part of me is telling that that wouldn't happen. ^^

Nonetheless, I really think Kang Sora is soooooo lucky. She's beautiful. She's awesome. And she has Jungsu. :) I wish they'd last long... And I wish that their relationship would somehow delay Jungsu's enlistment to the army. ^^

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Perfect Song from Zhou Mi

credits: Kiettana @ youtube

Because of You (original by Kelly Clarkson)

I will not make the same mistake that you did
I will not let myself cause my heart so much misery
I will not break the way you did, you fell so hard
I learned the hard way to never let it get that far

Because of you, I'll never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you, I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt
Because of you, I find it hard to trust not only me but everyone around me
Because of you... I am afraid.

I watched you die. I heard you cry, every night in your sleep.
I was so young, you should have known better than to lean on me.
You never cared of anyone else, you just saw your pain
And now I cry in the middle of the night, for the same damn thing...

Because of you, I'll never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you, I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt.
Because of you, I find it hard to forget everything.
Because of you, I don't know how to let anyone else in.
Because of you, I'm ashamed of my life because it's empty.
Because of you, I am afraid.
Because of you...

Among all the songs sung on Super Show 4 Seoul, this is the most meaningful one for me. Zhou Mi stood on the Korean stage on his own, braved everything and sang this song. 

And I wish that people who keep on detracting Zhou Mi (and Henry, for this matter) will understand the very meaning of this song.

The two went through a lot because of some ridiculous Only13 stans who keep on throwing insults and hate on them. For how many years, they have experienced so much pain and were treated so inhumane by people who wouldn't understand their presence in the group. 

And it just makes me so friggin' proud when Zhou Mi used his music to express in public - in a concert - how he probably feels. Of course, I am just assuming; but anybody who understands what this song really talks about would agree, that this song was really the perfect one for Zhou Mi.

When I saw the video, the emotions overwhelmed. Zhou Mi's eyes, like Sungmin's, served as a window to his soul. In his eyes, I saw a lot of emotions - happiness, fear, anger, gratitude. All four were there. 

Geez. No words for Zhou Mi's greatness. He's just too perfect I can't even.

Lee Sungmin's Solo for SS4: 물들어 (Stained) Lyrics

물들어 (original by: BMK)
Lee Sungmin's Solo for SS4

Meori-e eonjeun neoui son
Naneun ijeul suga eobseoseo
nae apeun gaseumeul neoui
iksukhameuro dasi kamsa jwoyahae

na-ege neoui son-i daheun hu
naneun jeomjeom muldeureo
neoui saekeuro neoui iksukhameuro
nareul modu beorigo..

Muldeuro... Neoui sarang an-e naneun
muldeuro... Beoseonal su eobneun neoui sarange
nareul modu beorigo
keojyeoman ganeun neoui sarangane naneun ije

son kkeuteuro pagowa mokeul seuchin sangcheoro
simjang ane meomulmyeo naneun ije neoege

muldeuro... neoui sarang ane naneun
muldeuro.. Beoseonal su eobneun neoui sarange
nareul modu beorigo
keojyeoman ganeun neoui sarangane naneun ije... muldeuro

The song was cut so the second stanza wasn't sung by Sungmin. ^^ As how I understood it, it's a song for a girl who he loves and that he's willing to give up everything just to have that love. LOL. I'm gonna get bricked with what I'm thinking. ^^

Captivating Magic of Lee Sungmin's Music

I have always believed that music needs no language. The message it speaks of depends entirely on the melody and the ability of the singer to be relied. And with Sungmin's solo for SS4 Seoul last night, I was given another proof that music needs no barrier to touch the hearts of those who listen.

credits: eshm104 @ youtube

As one comment have put it on Youtube, Sungmin isn't the most powerful singer in Super Junior. With the presence of KRY, his voice will most likely be in the supporting most of the time. But when he is put on the spotlight, he owns the stage with his ballad songs.

And the song... I couldn't understand the meaning as I don't know Korean that much. But Sungmin's voice and the way he interpreted the lovely song is enough to make me realize that it has touched my heart already, even before I knew it.

The capability of Lee Sungmin to justify any song is indescribable. Not just his voice and the melody, but his eyes also show true passion which no words could ever describe. Though he's a very private person, his glistening eyes give us all a glimpse of his soul - passionate, reserved, and very emotional.

I guess that's what make Sungmin stand out. He pours out everything he has in every song he sings. He adds color to it. He makes it more beautiful. And admit it or not, as you listen to the song, there's this moment when you closed your eyes to feel the overflowing emotions his music puts you on. 

I never thought that his solo would be the first one I would review, considering all the tears I've shed on Zhoumi's part. But I guess it's okay. Sungmin is in Super Junior, and no one comes ahead of the others when we're talking about the group.

Going back... Sungmin really doesn't have a powerful voice compared to KRY's. But you see, he has his own magic to captivate us all. And you can never say no to it.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'd Give Anything to Have SS4 Manila

I would never be able to transcribe into an article whatever I am feeling right now. Excited? Proud? Happy? In-love? No. It's more than that; even more than what  supercalifragilisticexpialidocious could mean.

Super Show 4 is beyond words.

The boys started world domination right. 7 out of 10 trending topics WORLDWIDE, how do we make it in an instant? And mind you all, the boys sang in English and did acapella, played a variety of instruments, danced, and made us all hyped up even just through the livestream. (oh well, i didn't use livestreaming coz I can't.).

[I guess I have to make another article for Zhoumi's solo. That meant a whole lot to me.]

I don't know. I just want to see everything live. From the half-naked VCR to Ryeowook's abs... to the glory of Mimi's solo to the loving atmosphere the boys would exude in person. I want to experience it all live again.

And if there'll be no SS4 Manila, I would really be going overseas. No thinking twice. Come what may with money, I will do this.

But then, everybody knows that I'd do anything for a show here. Nothing beats that. But it's another story.

Super Junior has taken another step to prove the world of their mighty existence. It's flawless. Even non-fans would surely admit... The boys did a great job.

And they'll be doing more. :)

We're Getting Closer to the Beginning

It's the start of world domination in a few hours. I was distracting myself with Naruto manga all day but a few tweets from my friends led me back to the excitement that finally, the most anticipated thing is happening soon.

This is just the start of it all. In a few hours, another history will be created and I am more than sure that we are going to get more than what we all expect from them.

There is no turning back, indeed. Super Junior has come a long way to prove their success and we, ELF, are heading to the most precious position - beside them.

People, curse me for taking these things seriously. But really, we all need to ready our knees to kneel before the world's greatest act...

No exaggeration there. See it out for yourself.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Super Show 4: It's About to Begin

Everybody have waited for this: the concert which would measure the greatness of Super Junior around the world. Yes, a world tour is about to commence tonight. Just as how long the line for the opening of Breaking Dawn would be in the US, there'll be four or five times of that in Super Show 4 in Seoul, probably.

Isn't it exciting that after how many months, here we are again, anticipating every week to witness the unimaginable prowess of these boys? Though it sucks to admit that they're down from 13 to 9 (plus 2 with Henry and Zhoumi), nothing can still erase the fact that they are still Super Junior.

credit @siwon407
I, myself, is excited about what will happen. The usual choreography, the usual hype, I want to see it again in probably the largest scale. But come to think of it, I couldn't be sure if that's how I really feel.

I don't want to be certain and I don't want to be right, but the beginning of Super Show 4 might also be the start of another inevitable truth that's happening - the long-term hiatus. It is not a secret that there are talks among fans that this could be the last Super Show before everyone sets for the army. 

And it's not funny.

Jungsu is rumored to enlist on February. I don't think Super Show will be over by that time. Meaning, he has to leave in the middle of the schedule, like Heenim. And I guess it's what I dread the most. Up until now, I couldn't picture out how it will be like without him in SJ.. But yeah, that's another story.

from @beatburgerkorea
But now that we still have time to be together, I hope we all realize how much this Super Show 4 means to the boys. I call forth the attention of the millions of ELF around the world, whose countries will be graced by the presence of these boys...

Let's give them what they deserve - the best.

Come united. Let's all be one. Memorize the fanchants, support the projects, and most importantly, cherish the moments. There may be or may no longer be a next time for all of us. We can never be sure. So let's make the most out of it...

And for the mean time, let the world domination begins.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Find Happiness while Finding Joy. ♥

Now and then, it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.
- Yesung (@shfly3424)

I searched this phrase on Google and discovered that this is a famous quote from different people. I couldn't credit the original since I don't know who he is, but I think it just made enough sense - especially that it is a Super Junior member who shoved it to our faces.

Indeed, it pays off to pause from our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. To put it bluntly, we need not to rush.

We are almost at the end of the year; and in this fandom, it is the time when we get ourselves fully busy with voting on charts and buying albums just to get Super Junior on top and make them win year-end awards. And admit it or not, we are constantly looking towards our destination. We focus on the future.

No, I'm not saying that it's wrong to do that. I would even encourage all of us to continue what we're doing, since it is for the boys' sake and those are the only things we could do to help make their dreams come true.

But at times, we have to slow down. We look forward to the happiness that our efforts could eventually provide us all that we fail to realize that too much pressure is engulfing us all.

Now this is a stupid claim, I know. But for some people who share the same sentiments as mine (which I know you would figure out yourselves), I think this write-up is making sense.

Yes, we do everything to make them win. We do everything to be happy. But have we noticed that as we pursue that joy, we are hurting others - including ourselves - in the process?

I had my fair share of the guilt and if this article and Jongwoon's tweet would somehow knock sense on some people, I think it will serve its purpose well. Okay. What I'm saying is as we go towards the fulfillment of our dream, we fail to realize that we're leaving traps and hindrances so that others wouldn't be able to follow. 

Supporting Super Junior will make us happy, that's a given fact. But if as we move towards the peak of our support, we keep on talking shit and trash about other groups, then what would that make us? Selfish bastards? No, I don't want to be tagged as one. 

So just like what Yesung tweeted, I think it's just worthwhile to pause for a while and appreciate the things that allow us to be happy. That doesn't mean that we should forget our cause, though. But you see, we could do it using friendly competition. 

We need not to bring others down just so we could advance. We have to pause for sometime to allow ourselves to breathe. Sure thing, this is a serious matter for all of us; but you know, life gets boring if you take it seriously. Let's all look at the bright side of this competition and find happiness while finding joy. 

This article isn't just for the fans of Super Junior only; because as how I've seen it, it's not only in my fandom that people who don't know how to be happy could come from :)

Made My Day

Just a few minutes ago, I have received a call from an anonymous number. Since I usually answer that, thinking that it's something important, I picked up my phone and the conversation went like this:

Me: Hello?

Girl on the line: Hi, good afternoon! Mr. Park Jungsu?

Talk about kilig.

It really wasn't supposed to be that way but I felt some strange sensation when I was referred to as Park Jungsu. I had to tell her immediately that I don't have connections with the leader, and I really didn't tell her who Park Jungsu really is so it doesn't make much sense to her. But to me, it's something worth smiling for and it literally made up my day.

It turned out that it was a call from World Vision and they are confirming some things about the sponsorship I did under the leader's name. It was obvious in the voice of the girl I was talking to that there were some doubts, especially when I asked for the child's profile.

But you know why I did that? Because I am excited to know who the recipient of the sponsorship is.

You see, education is one of the most important things for me. I hate ignorance as much as I hate violence, and to me, to let people get proper education - and that includes good training with values - will eventually lead to a better world.

That is why I can't help but get giddy with the thought that I'll be able to help a child go to school. Add to that the other truth that I'm doing this not just for the child's sake but for Leeteuk's as well. I know that this doesn't really contribute much, but I have this hope that the child that will be figuratively fostered by Park Jungsu will take the initiative to discover how great the person behind that name is... and I hope he/she follows the leader's steps.

It's hard to convince people that this is more than just a project. It's difficult to make people understand that I'm not doing this for the sake of recognition. But as long as my heart is pure with the intention of hitting two birds with one stone,

I will be more than happy.

[PG-13 POST] What Are You Exactly


This is just too much of what I can't handle. 

That green VNeck shirt that molds itself on the glorious wonder of his body.
The veins on his chest that makes me want to feel it with my fingers.
That coat that adds to the enticement of this heavenly creation.
That spiky hair wet from sweat due to releasing energies that melt away all vulnerable souls.
That as-usual-pointed nose that sends me to the state of astonishment everytime I lay eyes on.
That freaking half-open mouth which brings me forth to imagining how it feels like to smother with my lips.
That melting stare that defines to me what kind of enticing god you are.

Lee Sungmin, this is just too much to bear.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Late Post

LOL. It was on October 15 when we got these pictures taken and I'm sharing it to you. :)

These were the pictures we had when we watched Super Show 3 3D in Gateway on the 15th of October. I came a little late again, but just in time for the show. ^^ I came when everybody was about to sing Happy Birthday to Donghae (who was celebrating his birthday then) and Henry who celebrated on the 11th. ^^


the cute cakes for Donghae and Henry from SJUPH; the picture-filled and mouthwatering one from StarfishPH

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Imagine Waking Up to this Perfection

credit as tagged

credit as tagged
I woke up at around 6:30AM, and after some vanity shots with the lovely rays of the sun that trespass my room, here is another magnificent compromise to make this day very wonderful. :)

Park Jungsu loves white; but you see, it doesn't make black go stale on him. I mean, look at the elegance! And that hair, that hair just have to stay. ^o^

LOL Why is it that my mind is telling me that he filmed WGM before/after Sukira, and he played the Pepero game with Sora. LOLOLOL. :D

credits as tagged

and just when i thought it's all over... (CLICKING ON READ MORE IS MANDATORY!)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


 {TRANS} @special1004: What’s wrong with the news saying we started with 15 people but now became 11…Setting up and making a debut properly is totally different but if you’re saying you was one of them though you just stayed for awhile isn’t it rude?Then I’m the one who had been in every groups of my seniors

RT @special1004: 아니 우리가15명으로시작해서 지금은11명이됐다는 말도안되는기사는뭐지…엄연히 세팅해본것과정식데뷔는다른건데잠시거쳐간곳을 나도누구였다말하면 실례가아닐까요?그렇게따지면난이미선배님들팀다한번씩한사람이겠네요


If it wasn't for my friend, I wouldn't have known about this issue. I haven't seen the articles these tweets are referring to (and it's not like I can understand it, anyway) but I can sense the intense annoyance of Jungsu on his -already deleted- tweet.

You see, jumping into the bandwagon and using others' popularity for publicity is like the most stupid thing an entertainer could do. There's someone like that in the Philippines and it's extremely annoying to see him forever doing that kind of hideous stuff.

Well, it's just normal for someone who has been protecting Super Junior with all his life to react like this. I actually do not know how to react when I read it.

But I hope everything will turn out alright.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011



I believe the leader.
I have no doubts. 
They're coming... 

Monday, November 7, 2011

How you push to others the skeletons in your closet, and come out clean and genius and everything good...

Don't you realize that you're just actually coming up with your own meanings for words you use against everyone else, and go stupidly blind that you miss to see the truth that it's just you who believe that you are doing nothing wrong?

Your words refer to yourself, jsyk. :)

Post-SJ Anniversary Message: For My ELF Friends

In KPOP, there is this what we call the 5-year mark. We, as fans, consider it as the most crucial stage for our favorite group; because most of the time, groups disband after five years of being together.

I used to fear that especially that my boys are leaving or going on hiatus one by one. But as the clock stroke 12MN on the eve of November 6th, I knew we made it.

Because Super Junior has just celebrated their 6th anniversary.

On this celebration, I would not dwell on the fact that we're 4 members less. Because even if there's only one left, Super Junior will continuously stay alive.

Right now, I am still contemplating on the ups and downs of the past 6 years. A lot has happened which could have easily driven us all crazy - if not for the incessant strength and inspiration these boys are giving us. It was a roller coaster ride we are in. It is also a slipper and dangerous mountain which we're climbing, and yes... we're almost at the top.

Almost... because I don't want to say that we're at the top. There are still a lot more we should share together. I don't want to reach the peak yet just like as how I don't want to reach the horizon yet. Because if that happens, it's the end.

I just want to firmly believe that we're leading, that we're staying strong, and that we're continuing to push to the top. We should stay together for more years... until forever ends. After all, even if I wasn't there when it started, I can promise that I'll be here until the end.

On their anniversary, I just want to let the world know that in this fandom, I never felt like I do not belong. Super Junior - without fail - managed to make me realize that I am part of the family; and even if I couldn't be with them, personally, they - and of course, God - gave me people to share everything with...

People they call ELF... People I call friends.

You see, the point of this article is not just to thank Super Junior for the wonderful six years. I think I did that already in my previous write-up. This blog entry is now dedicated to the ordinary people who have kept up with me through thick and thin. And even to those people who I have met along the way, this entry goes to all of you too.

I've met a lot of people through this fandom. I became someone better through this, too. That's why in this 6th year anniversary celebration, I would just like to let them know that with Super Junior and with each other, I wish we could all come together and cover the world with Sapphire Blue.

I wouldn't mention their names here. They all know who they are, anyway. :) Just this... Thank you.

Until Forever Ends.

Just as I was going home from the ELF gathering for Super Junior's 6th anniversary, I asked myself what will happen next. We passed the crucial 5-year mark, so what's left for us?

Then I realized that really, everything's up to us now.

You see, being together for 6 years isn't a joke. Of course, there is the possibility that we actually ask ourselves if we still want to continue. I know some people who gave up already and switched to a younger, more promising, and more active groups. Well, not that I'm judging them... But it's just that I just don't want to be like them.

Because now that Super Junior's at their 6th year, forever has officially begun.

I have to admit that there are times when I think of leaving this fandom for good. Considering the amount of money I shed for everything, who wouldn't get tired? But you see, it is definitely worth it. It's like it doesn't matter if I spend almost 20,000php in one night, just so I can help in making them guys feel that they are loved...

Because you know what? They deserve that.

All these love we dedicate; all these efforts we exert... Do not think that it goes to waste. We're starting our 6th year already and I believe that all the attention and support we gave them for the past 5 years will be carried over to this 6th year and beyond. Moreover, what we shared yesterday will be the basis of a stronger and more worth it relationship which we share with the boys.

The real game starts now. Since we made it pass through the 5-year mark already, everything's up to us now. Either we continue for the next 5 years and beyond, or we just give up and let the past 5 years be a part of our beautiful memories.

As I've said, I don't want to categorized on the second group. I don't want to be people like others who after a while, left. It's not a matter of what I've gotten used to anymore. It is not about giving back neither. It's about staying because I love what I do.

And I love Super Junior.

Marking the start of Super Junior's 6th year industry, we are facing a new challenge. Either we continue walking together or we abandon them on their journey. Well, I choose the first one. 

Because at the end of each day, I love the person who I am right now; and it is Super Junior who made me this way. And until forever ends, I'll be here.

Happy 6th Anniversary, Super Junior! I love you so much!

슈주 간다!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Merry Christmas, Hae!

I don't know with others but when I saw the picture Donghae tweeted this midnight, I felt so light. Seeing a glimmering Christmas tree beside my favorite kid while he's facing the glistening view of the city, I was reminded that the Yuletide season is coming near and it's the time of the year when we all just have to slow down and set our priorities straight - putting the most important thing of all on top: HAPPINESS.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

우리는 엘프-오에요!

Saw this on Sungmin's blog...
Korea's Top 10 fanclubs by
Super Junior's ELF came on top one.

Now this is daebak.

I don't know if this is the number of members because I don't think there's only 3,063 ELF in Korea. So allow me to feed my delusion and let me believe that this chart was measured by the kind of loyalty and dedication each fandom exerts.

There is no way I am belittling the others. I told you, every idol is perfect in the eyes of the fans; and as long as you love your idols, you are the best. It's just that I feel so proud of my chosen world. Whatever happens, ELF is ELF; and for forever, we will stand by Super Junior, and by each other.

Despite the differences, despite whatever.

credit as tagged