Monday, November 7, 2011

Post-SJ Anniversary Message: For My ELF Friends

In KPOP, there is this what we call the 5-year mark. We, as fans, consider it as the most crucial stage for our favorite group; because most of the time, groups disband after five years of being together.

I used to fear that especially that my boys are leaving or going on hiatus one by one. But as the clock stroke 12MN on the eve of November 6th, I knew we made it.

Because Super Junior has just celebrated their 6th anniversary.

On this celebration, I would not dwell on the fact that we're 4 members less. Because even if there's only one left, Super Junior will continuously stay alive.

Right now, I am still contemplating on the ups and downs of the past 6 years. A lot has happened which could have easily driven us all crazy - if not for the incessant strength and inspiration these boys are giving us. It was a roller coaster ride we are in. It is also a slipper and dangerous mountain which we're climbing, and yes... we're almost at the top.

Almost... because I don't want to say that we're at the top. There are still a lot more we should share together. I don't want to reach the peak yet just like as how I don't want to reach the horizon yet. Because if that happens, it's the end.

I just want to firmly believe that we're leading, that we're staying strong, and that we're continuing to push to the top. We should stay together for more years... until forever ends. After all, even if I wasn't there when it started, I can promise that I'll be here until the end.

On their anniversary, I just want to let the world know that in this fandom, I never felt like I do not belong. Super Junior - without fail - managed to make me realize that I am part of the family; and even if I couldn't be with them, personally, they - and of course, God - gave me people to share everything with...

People they call ELF... People I call friends.

You see, the point of this article is not just to thank Super Junior for the wonderful six years. I think I did that already in my previous write-up. This blog entry is now dedicated to the ordinary people who have kept up with me through thick and thin. And even to those people who I have met along the way, this entry goes to all of you too.

I've met a lot of people through this fandom. I became someone better through this, too. That's why in this 6th year anniversary celebration, I would just like to let them know that with Super Junior and with each other, I wish we could all come together and cover the world with Sapphire Blue.

I wouldn't mention their names here. They all know who they are, anyway. :) Just this... Thank you.

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