Monday, November 7, 2011

Until Forever Ends.

Just as I was going home from the ELF gathering for Super Junior's 6th anniversary, I asked myself what will happen next. We passed the crucial 5-year mark, so what's left for us?

Then I realized that really, everything's up to us now.

You see, being together for 6 years isn't a joke. Of course, there is the possibility that we actually ask ourselves if we still want to continue. I know some people who gave up already and switched to a younger, more promising, and more active groups. Well, not that I'm judging them... But it's just that I just don't want to be like them.

Because now that Super Junior's at their 6th year, forever has officially begun.

I have to admit that there are times when I think of leaving this fandom for good. Considering the amount of money I shed for everything, who wouldn't get tired? But you see, it is definitely worth it. It's like it doesn't matter if I spend almost 20,000php in one night, just so I can help in making them guys feel that they are loved...

Because you know what? They deserve that.

All these love we dedicate; all these efforts we exert... Do not think that it goes to waste. We're starting our 6th year already and I believe that all the attention and support we gave them for the past 5 years will be carried over to this 6th year and beyond. Moreover, what we shared yesterday will be the basis of a stronger and more worth it relationship which we share with the boys.

The real game starts now. Since we made it pass through the 5-year mark already, everything's up to us now. Either we continue for the next 5 years and beyond, or we just give up and let the past 5 years be a part of our beautiful memories.

As I've said, I don't want to categorized on the second group. I don't want to be people like others who after a while, left. It's not a matter of what I've gotten used to anymore. It is not about giving back neither. It's about staying because I love what I do.

And I love Super Junior.

Marking the start of Super Junior's 6th year industry, we are facing a new challenge. Either we continue walking together or we abandon them on their journey. Well, I choose the first one. 

Because at the end of each day, I love the person who I am right now; and it is Super Junior who made me this way. And until forever ends, I'll be here.

Happy 6th Anniversary, Super Junior! I love you so much!

슈주 간다!!!

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