Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One Year Later...

They wouldn't believe me.
Everybody else would think I'm just overreacting.
They wouldn't even care an inch on what I felt and about to say.

I missed X Crew a lot.
And I was crying when I saw their video, the feeling from one year ago came back to me in an instant.
There were 10 of them then.
Now they're back to that number.

And I wasn't able to see them perform live.

Yes, of course, my presence does not really matter.
But to me, seeing them perform on stage on a big event as FilKor is like a good compensation already for every stress I felt recently.

After all, X Crew has always been a refuge to me.
As they have always been to many of you too.

Suddenly, I felt nostalgic.
I want to wish to go back to the usual.
But with my work, with my present condition,
I don't think I'll be able to join the fun yet. 

Nonetheless, Congratulations, X Crew, for still being the best cover group in the Philippines 
(at least for many of us in the fandom!)

Thank you for existing once more. :)

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