Monday, November 21, 2011

Going Desperate.

VIA @showsu

Ate Yan pointed it out. In the microphone accent, in the globe, at the center - there's Philippines. My country, the nation which is currently pleading for another chance to see the boys in a Super Show.

I want to see this as a positive premonition. I want to believe that along with the thought that they said 'Salamat,' it is a sign that we will experience the show which dominates the whole world.

Yes, I am not losing hope. Even though I am preparing for the worst, I am still feeling even the tiniest bit of chance that there would be SS4 Manila.

And you know why I insists?

Because I want to feel belonged again. I want to feel complete again. I want to experience the rare and overflowing joy of being myself - even just for three to four hours. I want to convince myself that despite all the hardships I go through, I still deserve the best in life that is Super Junior.

I want to feel the ease of life - its rewards, its surprises. I want to understand how it is to be free from anxieties and to do things for myself, not for anyone else, again. I want to be carefree again.

But more than those, I want them to see that they are well-loved in the Philippines. I want to assure the boys that if the whole world turn their backs on them, they can find refuge in my country, with us.

So yeah, I need SS4 Manila. And please, let there be. :'(

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