Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[PG-13 POST] What Are You Exactly


This is just too much of what I can't handle. 

That green VNeck shirt that molds itself on the glorious wonder of his body.
The veins on his chest that makes me want to feel it with my fingers.
That coat that adds to the enticement of this heavenly creation.
That spiky hair wet from sweat due to releasing energies that melt away all vulnerable souls.
That as-usual-pointed nose that sends me to the state of astonishment everytime I lay eyes on.
That freaking half-open mouth which brings me forth to imagining how it feels like to smother with my lips.
That melting stare that defines to me what kind of enticing god you are.

Lee Sungmin, this is just too much to bear.

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