Friday, November 18, 2011

Super Show 4: It's About to Begin

Everybody have waited for this: the concert which would measure the greatness of Super Junior around the world. Yes, a world tour is about to commence tonight. Just as how long the line for the opening of Breaking Dawn would be in the US, there'll be four or five times of that in Super Show 4 in Seoul, probably.

Isn't it exciting that after how many months, here we are again, anticipating every week to witness the unimaginable prowess of these boys? Though it sucks to admit that they're down from 13 to 9 (plus 2 with Henry and Zhoumi), nothing can still erase the fact that they are still Super Junior.

credit @siwon407
I, myself, is excited about what will happen. The usual choreography, the usual hype, I want to see it again in probably the largest scale. But come to think of it, I couldn't be sure if that's how I really feel.

I don't want to be certain and I don't want to be right, but the beginning of Super Show 4 might also be the start of another inevitable truth that's happening - the long-term hiatus. It is not a secret that there are talks among fans that this could be the last Super Show before everyone sets for the army. 

And it's not funny.

Jungsu is rumored to enlist on February. I don't think Super Show will be over by that time. Meaning, he has to leave in the middle of the schedule, like Heenim. And I guess it's what I dread the most. Up until now, I couldn't picture out how it will be like without him in SJ.. But yeah, that's another story.

from @beatburgerkorea
But now that we still have time to be together, I hope we all realize how much this Super Show 4 means to the boys. I call forth the attention of the millions of ELF around the world, whose countries will be graced by the presence of these boys...

Let's give them what they deserve - the best.

Come united. Let's all be one. Memorize the fanchants, support the projects, and most importantly, cherish the moments. There may be or may no longer be a next time for all of us. We can never be sure. So let's make the most out of it...

And for the mean time, let the world domination begins.

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