Monday, November 21, 2011

Perfect Husband

credits: leegoldie & reilasj2 @ youtube

Well, everything must have been scripted. They must have been filming WGM during the concert. Even if Sora doesn't know it, Jungsu must have prepared this surprise to increase the viewing rates of their show. 

But one thing that I noticed real is the sincerity of Jungsu to do this to his 'wife', Kang Sora.

I wasn't really the first one to approve this coupling but as I realized that they do suit each other, I started paying attention to Jungsu's indescribable way of being a husband. 

I don't know Jungsu personally but as how I do with the others, I can tell just by looking in his eyes that he feels giddy towards his 'relationship' with Sora. I know that aside from feeling proud of himself, Jungsu is really the type of person who enjoys committing Public Display of Affection. HAHA. No, seriously, I think he loves it when he gets the chance to show people how much he cares for someone. Being an artist, it's quite hard to deal with the fact that he can't do it openly. But with WGM, he's given the chance, so he's making the most out of it. ^^

I want to believe that there's something real going on between them but a part of me is telling that that wouldn't happen. ^^

Nonetheless, I really think Kang Sora is soooooo lucky. She's beautiful. She's awesome. And she has Jungsu. :) I wish they'd last long... And I wish that their relationship would somehow delay Jungsu's enlistment to the army. ^^

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