Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Find Happiness while Finding Joy. ♥

Now and then, it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.
- Yesung (@shfly3424)

I searched this phrase on Google and discovered that this is a famous quote from different people. I couldn't credit the original since I don't know who he is, but I think it just made enough sense - especially that it is a Super Junior member who shoved it to our faces.

Indeed, it pays off to pause from our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. To put it bluntly, we need not to rush.

We are almost at the end of the year; and in this fandom, it is the time when we get ourselves fully busy with voting on charts and buying albums just to get Super Junior on top and make them win year-end awards. And admit it or not, we are constantly looking towards our destination. We focus on the future.

No, I'm not saying that it's wrong to do that. I would even encourage all of us to continue what we're doing, since it is for the boys' sake and those are the only things we could do to help make their dreams come true.

But at times, we have to slow down. We look forward to the happiness that our efforts could eventually provide us all that we fail to realize that too much pressure is engulfing us all.

Now this is a stupid claim, I know. But for some people who share the same sentiments as mine (which I know you would figure out yourselves), I think this write-up is making sense.

Yes, we do everything to make them win. We do everything to be happy. But have we noticed that as we pursue that joy, we are hurting others - including ourselves - in the process?

I had my fair share of the guilt and if this article and Jongwoon's tweet would somehow knock sense on some people, I think it will serve its purpose well. Okay. What I'm saying is as we go towards the fulfillment of our dream, we fail to realize that we're leaving traps and hindrances so that others wouldn't be able to follow. 

Supporting Super Junior will make us happy, that's a given fact. But if as we move towards the peak of our support, we keep on talking shit and trash about other groups, then what would that make us? Selfish bastards? No, I don't want to be tagged as one. 

So just like what Yesung tweeted, I think it's just worthwhile to pause for a while and appreciate the things that allow us to be happy. That doesn't mean that we should forget our cause, though. But you see, we could do it using friendly competition. 

We need not to bring others down just so we could advance. We have to pause for sometime to allow ourselves to breathe. Sure thing, this is a serious matter for all of us; but you know, life gets boring if you take it seriously. Let's all look at the bright side of this competition and find happiness while finding joy. 

This article isn't just for the fans of Super Junior only; because as how I've seen it, it's not only in my fandom that people who don't know how to be happy could come from :)

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