Thursday, November 3, 2011

Merry Christmas, Hae!

I don't know with others but when I saw the picture Donghae tweeted this midnight, I felt so light. Seeing a glimmering Christmas tree beside my favorite kid while he's facing the glistening view of the city, I was reminded that the Yuletide season is coming near and it's the time of the year when we all just have to slow down and set our priorities straight - putting the most important thing of all on top: HAPPINESS.

This may sound terribly exaggerated and I may appear like a know-it-all again but as I look in the picture, it feels like I am being told that I have been exhausting myself with the fast pace of the world. I am always busy running that I keep on forgetting that I could always walk.

You know, Donghae's picture exudes a different kind of power that made me pause for a while and appreciate the fact that there's always time for everything and I don't have to rush. I hope I am not speaking for myself only. I hope others feel the same way that: sure, we want to gain all the best but most of us are still young and little by little, we could achieve what we want to become.

For the mean time, let's just  be the person Donghae was in the picture - a kid anticipating Christmas. We all know how busy he is with Super Junior and all other stuffs he has to do; but look, he still managed to take some time to decorate their dorm with his favorite Christmas ornament.

Indeed, it's gonna be Christmas soon; and I think, we all have to thank Donghae for reminding us of this most important season of the year. :')

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