Monday, October 10, 2011

Perfect Day Starter~

I don't know if this came from a fan or from Ming's blog, or Twitter, or wherever. But you see, this has become like the perfect day starter for me.

I woke up grumpy. Last night's activity and rain made me feel so drowsy even in my sleep. I slept straight without even dreaming (or so I think?) then at the morning, I was really hoping that time will not go on fast so that I could have more chance to sleep.

But when I saw this picture, everything just lightened up. xD

Seeing Ming and Jungsoo (MY TOP TWO BIASES!) cuddling like this makes me see things in a beautiful light. I do not ship Sungmin with anyone but Kyuhyun - this has to be set straight - but I just love seeing Jungsu become an older brother to a cute, little baby that is Sungmin... even when just sleeping.

There are no explanations how I can think of sunflowers, rainbows and unicorns when I look at the picture... but this is just too special. :)

Or maybe because it's lovely to see them sleep, when I know that they're so busy nowadays. Don't you think? haha!

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  1. and looking at the way jungsoo places his hand on minnie's saying "i'm just here, just sleep tight my little brother."


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