Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Celebrity

A celebrity…
A job where it’s confirmed from the front, behind…and beside…
In front, they have fans who love them, and celebrities are smiling while watching those fans.
Behind them, there are several arrows flying at and piercing their backs.
Unintentionally, the flying arrows sometimes even pierce the fans that are in front.
On both sides, there are masses of people are watching over their front and back.
Even if their back becomes covered in blood from the arrows piercing from behind, they must smile for the sake of the fans that cheer them on and support them.
If they smile and work hard till the end, the public who’s watching them on both sides will slowly move to the front.
However if they can’t handle it, and if they’re upsetted a little, (the public) moves to the back and even shoots arrows.
Celebrities don’t know how many people are behind them, or what kind of people or what reason they have for shooting the arrows.
They’re not allowed to turn around and find out either.
Because if they turn around, the fans in the front will become completely shocked when they see the arrows that pierced their back, and the moment they turn, their entire body will be struck with arrows…
No one knows what kind of people are shooting the arrows, what kind of expression they have, or what thoughts run through their minds as they shoot the arrows.
It’s just that they simply enjoy the act itself, and they like it if new celebrities (especially ones with lots of past personal life) come out.
They live on stage and die on the internet…a job where it’s confirmed from front, back and side…
……that is a celebrity.

Eunhyuk/Lee Hyuk Jae (Super Junior)
(i didn't translate this. i just found this on tumblr again and posted it here. I think this was written a year ago on Hyuk's Cyworld? You know, when he has no Twitter yet?)
And all the memories come rushing back to me.

I need not to deny the fact that Super Junior, while being one of the best Hallyu stars, is actually suffering from a lot. Despite the sold-out concerts and chart-topping albums, there are so many anti-fans.

When I first read this entry a year ago (I think?), I was moved to tears.
It felt like I was drenched with cold water.
Seeing a Super Junior oppa speak about the hardships of being a celebrity,
it just made me feel like I have to protect them more.

And if only I could stay at their back and catch all arrows...
I would.

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