Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Army Thing

So I have just received my Version B album and only now did I pay full attention to their concept:

(although Jungsu's attire wouldn't count for me. hehe.)

First surprise: I got a Heechul photocard and that's interesting for me. To think that not many I know got a Heechul, I considered myself catching a rare pokemon. :) That's like a relief because I was afraid that I will get a Siwon. HAHA! (No, I don't have anything against Siwon. ^^)

Then as I was on my way home, I looked at the album again and heaved a deep sigh. Because once again, the reality knocked me down that 5jib is really the last album of Super Junior before they go to the army. That's like just a moment of WTF again with me.

I knew long after Heechul's photo was released that this is really about his enlistment to the army. But I realized that Yesung wore the same design, only of different color and that it's a jacket; Siwon has that Rambo style; Ming has the word 'ARMY' written on his shirt; and many more to remind me that a dreaded goodbye is soon to happen.

I really have no intention of going on a drama marathon tonight but that late realization plus the weight of Jungsu's WGM turning into an undeniable reality, my mood really went down tonight. :(

Maybe I'm just in-denial. I know that this feeling will go away in a while; but it just sucks that I have to feel so vulnerable about these things.

This is really so contradicting of me since I always boast that I am a mature fan and that whatever the boys will do, I will support...

But you know, that's not always the case.

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