Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SS4 Manila... I'm Not Giving Up.

According to friends, official news said that there's only gonna be Seoul, Osaka, Taipei, Singapore, US, Europe, and Bangkok for Super Show 4. I had the feeling that that's how it's gonna be at first. The biggest countries. (Though I am curious as to why Malaysia isn't included).

Right now, I do not know what to feel. My heart is hurting because I read no SS4 Manila. I don't want to think that there's not gonna be anyone to do it here anymore. I felt like PULP has gone fed up already.

But I'm losing no hope.

If I'm not wrong, each Super Show is supposed to have 13 stops. That's what they're saying always. And do we really think that the boys will just agree on 7 stops for their last concert (before they go on hiatus)? And do you think SME wouldn't take advantage of the fact that the boys have millions of fans all over the world and that means MONEY?

I'm feeding myself with all consoling thoughts. Otherwise, I'll fly to Singapore with friends and enjoy the last moments I could have with my favorite group.

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