Friday, January 28, 2011

It’s Gonna Be Worth It

I have just finished compiling the fan chants for Super Show 3 Manila. Pure effort, this is. I have to admit that it gave me so much headache as I had to watch videos and fancams repeatedly, just so I can be sure of the chants. For others which are not clear, I had to come up with my own (which I know is very assuming because it’s like dictating Philippine ELF of what to do.)
So to cut the story short, pages are up. What we all just have to do now is to learn it all by heart. Please.
I know it requires you all great effort. Instead of just preparing ourselves for the surprises and just enjoying the show on our own, we have to participate in these fan chants (and fan projects, as well.) But as I have said, this is a responsibility which we receive when we bought that concert ticket. This is a way of letting SJ know that we take part with the concert preparations and we are in that party.
It’s gonna take much of your time studying and memorizing these chants. But I tell you, it’s all worth it.
Because none can ever compare to the feeling of being one with the boys and our fellow ELF. None can really compare with the self-satisfaction these chants give while being a part of the Sapphire Blue Ocean. It completes the experience. It gives off much joy and love.
So please, let’s all participate on this. Let’s all make it memorable and let’s make it all happen. Don’t come to the party unprepared. Give yourself the chance to enjoy more than you know you could. ^^

Monday, January 24, 2011

Keep Your Head Down

And keep your feet on the ground.
It’s the two basic things that make a man. These two things are what comprise HUMILITY. And that, above anything else, should always prevail on an individual to be called ‘HUMAN’.
Where would pride and boastfulness bring us all? To a world where nothing reigns but hatred and prejudice? What good would it do to a world which rather needs understanding and peace?
I know I’m random but I know also that you understand. I hate it why there are some people who couldn’t just get enough of the reputations stamped on their foreheads. I don’t get it why they would really have to exist at the same time that I do. I know it’s kinda crazy wishing for this whole world to be perfect, but if we try… we can.
Why can’t we just all keep our heads down and keep our feet on the ground?
Guilty at times, I am. But lessons have been learned and now, I understand how great it feels to be humble. Truth is nothing feels greater than keeping your mouth shut and just letting other people discover what you can do rather than showing what you’re capable of.
Yeah, sometimes, we just have to let others see things for themselves. Sometimes, it would be a better decision to just shut the fuck up and let actions speak louder than words. Sometimes, it would be far better to do things not for recognition. Sometimes, it would be better to be low-profile.
Random? Yeah. I know.
Sometimes, you just have to understand things for yourself rather than demand it to be served to you.

To That One Person (And to All People) Who NEVER STOPS COMPLAINING about SS3 Manila Tickets

Complains add to the burden of the organizers. Organizing a Super Show is more difficult as how we all imagine it to be. Words like ‘pagtitiyagaan’ and whatever similar to it can be harmful, no matter how simple those words are. After all, love for this fandom is never characterized by ‘pagtitiyaga’ but by the willingness to do things.
Geez. I can’t help but react. Sorry. For the second time, it’s normal for people to complain and to demand for comfort, but there are other things to be considered as well. Words can cut deep especially to those who are made sensitive by too much pressure and stress in order to give the best of everything.
There are people who are doing the best they can to give the boys the best experience. This isn’t a one-way concert. This is a party. Interaction between SJ and us, ELF, should be evident. I know some people as well who had to find a job even before graduation in order to prepare for the ticket payment. They don’t eat well to save. They even had to sacrifice their social life and find another job to get the money. But they do not complain here.
Because they know that everything’s worth it. No badvibes and things as such. And they know that after all the hardships comes the miracle.
With all humility and sincerity, I hope you’ll get to witness the miracle too, that only SJ can apply. And I wish you’ll learn and realize that life isn’t always on your side. You have to know the sacrifices and you have to accept the fact that you do not always get what you want. You have to know that there are people who gets annoyed with all complains and that words should be very well thought of before being spoken.
Life’s like this. If you’re not ready to face the truth, then don’t face the world. Create a dimension of your own, but I doubt you can. You have no choice, dear.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Still Incomparable

Most of my friends are sending me messages telling me I should watch Showtime because it’s their KPOP special. Okay guys, I tried. But the thing is, I turned off the TV after a few minutes because I realized that I’ve got no interests on it. I really can’t bring myself to liking the episode. If not for Vice Ganda and K Brosas, I would have turned it off right away.
Not that I don’t like the groups and performances. It’s just that I have this sort of expectations on cover groups already. Proper justification on the originals is of course, the number one. Second, they have to be at least at par with who they’re covering. Next, they have to appeal on me.
Okay. So damn personal. But as this is my blog, I don’t think I’ll have to be questioned on this.
Straight to the point? I just can’t find any group better than X Crew.
It’s not that I am friends with them already that’s why I’m saying this. I haven’t seen them perform recently either. Uh, it’s just that I tell the truth. If it’s not X Crew performing on stage, I’d rather not watch.
I don’t know why. Seriously, I have to give attention to others. Well, there are others which grabs my attention but most of the time, it’s either because of the song or the members’ physical appearances.
Okay. Call me rude now.
Nothing much. Just a spur of idea. I’m just thinking: what if they decided to join the contest? That would be really fun :))

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Couldn't be Any Prouder

video credits to Secretkyu and for @pastakyu for sharing
It’s almost 2 in the morning and I was quite tired for the past busy day. But just when I thought no emotions can run through me tonight, this video was shared on Twitter and I knew I was wrong.
Kyuhyun shot through my heart with this curtain call video.
Of course, thanks also to the always wondrous video of Secret.
Until now, I’m still teary-eyed because of this video. Seeing Kyuhyun singing, acting and standing on stage, I can’t help but really be proud of this maknae. Indeed, he’s no longer a kid. I guess I’ll never be able to call him young after this.
It made me remember the first time I got to know him. He was still recovering from the accident but he was already on stage singing A Whole New World with Charice Pempengco. This video made me realize that the Kyuhyun then has improved a lot (and I mean, a lot) to be the Kyuhyun that he is now.
Although I am just a fan, I feel the joy in Kyuhyun. His smiles were apparently authentic and the tears which were threatening to fall were obviously due to the overwhelming response of the people towards his first musical.
He was obviously happy.
What touched me most is the message at the end of the cut. I didn’t understand what that was but it was for his father.
Then I remembered when he said that his father didn’t like him to be a singer.
I think his father’s point of view has changed now.
Because if I am Kyuhyun’s father, I really cannot be any prouder of my child.
Ugh, Sorry for the randomness.

#1 Album Sales for 2010: Super Junior – GAON CHARTS

‘Gaon Chart‘ will hold a vision announcement conference for 2010/2011 on February 9th.
While that may sound a little dull, the organization plans to reveal 2010’s top albums through a special awards ceremony. The nominees were based on the most online and offline album sales of 2010.
The ‘#1 album sales of 2010′ distinction went to none other than Super Junior, thanks to their fourth album, ”Bonamana“. miss A, G.NA, Kang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Chul and many others will also receive awards for their performance in the album and digital sales categories.
A representative from the Music Industry Association of Korea stated, “We’ll be releasing accurate data for fairness in our analysis of the music market. After the conference, we will be releasing all music-related data through our homepage.”
The event is certainly substantial, as invitations sent out to the singers, important representatives of the music industry, broadcast writers and producers, as well as to the members of the press.
Source + Photos: Asia Economy via Daum


Congratulations, Super Junior… For being number one ^^

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Really Miss My OTP.

The first time I saw the pictures of Heechul on SS3 Bangkok, I tried to shrug the emotions off. I kept telling myself that of course, it’s normal because it’s what everyone wants after all. Heenim held a picture of Hanchul and he showed it off to the Thai ELF, and yeah, that’s normal.
Well, at least that’s what I tried to believe in.
But now that it has finally sank in, I suddenly felt the grief and longing. I know Geng’s just there, busy with other things he said he really wanted to do. But I really just miss him with SJ. More, I really miss him with Heenim.
HanChul has been my OTP ever since the day I accepted that SJ has couples. HanChul has showed me the best sides of Heenim and Hangeng. Through this pairing, I got to understand the meaning of true brotherly love and friendship.
And now it just sucks to realize that I might never get to see them again together.
Hangeng’s officially out of SJ, and we all know that. Heenim kept his silence and I’m yet to hear from him.
Somehow, I know both are hurting; but I can’t help but think that it’s Hee who is hurting more. Being left alone clueless and without any words is the worst feeling one could ever have. I know it.
Lost, I am, again. I really just miss my OTP. I really just want to see them on stage together again. I just want to see them both dancing and singing and hugging each other. I really need them back as one.
But what can I do? After all, I am just a fan.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Kim Youngwoon!

To the one who stayed as brave as he can when everything was falling apart; to the one who shielded us all from all the bullets and arrows; to the one who remained to carry the strong benevolence which he was named after; to the number one handsome guy in Korea; to the one I dearly love; to the ever dearest Kim Youngwoon,
Happy Birthday.
I miss you so much. Be safe and come back soon.
I love you, my dear raccoon.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I’m Sorry~

I was too taken away by my emotions last night. The cusses and the previous blog post would seriously be a proof. Now I’m ashamed of what I have done but I will never, ever be regretful. Because I know that last night, it was all I ever wanted.
Right now, I am still not fine. Heart hurts again and I cannot tell anyone. Of course, this truth remains a secret to my parents, still. I have no plans of telling.
This post, nevertheless, is an apology to those who have been disappointed by my stupidities. To Des and Chena who I was talking to while the thing happened, I’m really, really sorry. Until now, the shame lives on. For the whole day, I was just thinking of how to apologize, especially to Chena who, I think, was extremely annoyed.
Good thing this Friday came. Good thing God didn’t give me what I wanted. Good thing I was with great people a while ago. Good thing I got to get back to myself.
I went back to UE Caloocan. Everything came back to me in an instant. The acceptance, the love and the concern of the people for me there is still evident. A part of my life and a major part of my character was honed there. I guess that part of me will never ever leave. I guess UE will always be my sanctuary.
Then I went to Makati to visit my former officemates. When I arrived, it is my ex-boss who first saw me. I was really taken aback when she hugged and kissed me cheek-to-cheek. For a second, I thought if I really did the right decision of leaving the office. Then when I entered the office, it was really the coolest thing ever that happened to me in that place. Though they were busy, they took the time to chat with me, even my gorgeous boss. And once again, I felt like ‘yeah, many people still love me.’
Afterwards, I met up with Ate Charm and Kuya Jerry. A new acquaintance, David, came too. They skipped a few hours from work to be with me. We ate at a nearby restaurant and truth is, time flew so fast that we didn’t notice they’re out of the office for almost three hours. It was really fun. It was the first time bonding with Ate Charm and I heard many stories and revelations.
Ate Charm is one of the sweetest and coolest person I’ve ever known while Kuya Jerry is one of the bulliest. I love them both, and the same thing goes with the rest of X Crew. Thank you to the both of you. See you the soonest. Can’t really wait for March.
Today is an eye-opener for me. As I was walking to the bus stop after Kuya Jerry and I parted ways, I started realizing that my world should not stop because I fail with family. Because at the end of the day, there are people who still care. There are people who want me around. There are still people who understand.
And I guess, I really should be thankful.

Weird is Weird

Okay. So I was so out of the loop that I was taken by surprise when I learned of the rumor saying Jungsoo and Heenim won’t be able to go to Super Show 3 Bangkok just because Hee’s passport expired and so Jungsoo decided to just stay with the cat in South Korea.
Now this is weird, and not funny.
I thought about it as I read that there are temporary passports. Well as far as I know, there are really temporary passports. I am just not sure if South Korea has it on their immigration laws but definitely, I am wishing and praying that it is.
However, this rumor of passport expiration is kinda weird. Truth is: it’s very difficult for me to believe that something like that will occur.
First and foremost, SM Entertainment is not a small company which would overlook this kind of essential immigration issue. I doubt that they didn’t think about this beforehand.
Second, there’s a thing called contract; and this concert being a money-raking business for SM, I doubt that they would allow anything as shallow as this. Also, we know how strict this company is with contracts. I bet they wouldn’t do anything to bridge it.
This reminds of Kangin. Remember when he got involved in the DUI incident? It was a legal case. But still, he went to SS2 Malaysia or whatever country that was, because it was stated in the contract that he will be there.
Third, do people honestly think that Leeteuk and Heenim would allow themselves to stay in Korea when everyone else is in Bangkok performing a concert? I think I know the boys enough to say this: they wouldn’t let it happen.
I remembered when I got to talk to someone. Somehow, we shared the same thoughts on these two. They wouldn’t let anything hinder them from creating a good impression on fans. Leeteuk is the leader. Heechul is a lifeblood for the fun in the concert. They’re two indispensable parts of the show. They wouldn’t let that happen. They wouldn’t disappoint fans, especially Jungsoo.
I want to give the benefit of the doubt but it wouldn’t really be fair. Also, I can’t bring myself to believing that this would really occur. It’s just a passport. It’s not the visa. Granting that the issue is true, it’s just inside South Korea. It will be easy to fix it.
So what’s the point of all these? Weird.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Told You, He’ll Be Back.

Remember the post I wrote about Kibum? The one where I mentioned that I have this huge instinct that he’s coming back soon? Well apparently, my instincts are correct. Because here he is now… on Twitter…


Seriously, I nearly had a heart attack when I learned about the account. It was created on January 11. I knew it just yesterday, January 12. It was pure excitement, joy and thrill. Kim Kibum is back. Kim Kibum, the first member I have laid my eyes upon through April Kisses (but then I didn’t know he’s bound to be a Super Junior member, of course).
I missed him. A lot. More than anybody could think of. I might really appear like I don’t care about this and his existence but then, hey, Kibum is love too. And I’m just so happy that he’s finally a tweet away from us, all.
So near yet so far? So what. As long as he’s just there.
He’s an indispensable member. He’s an indispensable part of my life as an ELF. I have waited for so long for this time to come. You guys seriously have no idea how much I wanted to write something as good as this news.
I am a little late though. Thank God to excitement and the lost for words yesterday.
I’m just so glad. Welcome back, Wonder Boy. Welcome back.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I don’t want to fuel the fire but I need to clear my head from some thoughts. I know it is kind of stupid to even talk about it but in a way, it affects me. One, because I love the people involved so much. Two, because I love these fandoms like I’ve never loved anything else.
Let’s just keep it simple: What has been said is said. What has been done is done. We cannot turn the hands of time back to the point where everything WAS okay. We cannot just say ‘STOP’ and then press the reset. After all, past is past; there is no way we could ever bring it back.
Another principle is this: We have to be responsible for everything we do. The actions we take and the words that come from our mouth are ours. Thus, we should always think twice before making it known. Sure thing, there’s a thing as freedom of expression but it has become so overrated that we no longer know where it ends and where restrictions and limitations begin.
What’s happening right now hurts a lot. I know where I belong and it just sucks knowing that there are these kinds of things happening in a world which is supposed to be [almost] perfect. Why people gets divided, I would never want to know if only I have the choice. Why those of the same belief suddenly bash each other, I never will understand…
But it happens.
Is it inevitable? No. It has always been a choice and it will remain to be like that for the rest of time. What we just need to do is to understand fully that no two minds are alike. Though there could be similarities, there will still be things which will differentiate one from another. Now that’s inevitable.
And I wish, people would just understand. Whatever Junsu said is his opinion. If Ming and Shindong chose to react to it, we cannot do anything. These people are matured enough to do what they did and I’m sure they’ve got reasons for it. They’re at their right minds and admit it or not, they have their points.
So please, can we, fans, just stay out of it?
Naturally, I will protect Sungmin and Shindong (and Eunhyuk and LEETEUK, of course) from whoever are hurting them; and that’s what I’m doing right now – though subliminal. I am honestly enraged when I learned that some fans are dragging EunTeuk on the issue by flooding the message board of Sukira.
Yes, I can say a lot of hurtful words to get even… But I won’t.
First, because I am a decent person. Second, because I do not a backlash of my opinions. Third, because I also love the people these fans are trying to protect.
I have my fair share of opinion. I have conducted my own assessment to the case. I have come up with my own list of who and what to believe. But I’ll just keep quiet…
…for now.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Get Off Zhoumi

Really. Some Chinese reporters need to be forced to go back to school and review even just a little bit of logic and journalism ethics. Why they call themselves reporters when all they can do is side on whatever they feel like believing, I guess I’ll never understand.
Seriously, they need to be taught how to understand things and how to be fair with their subjects. Because with what they’re doing to Zhoumi, Kyuhyun and Henry right now (and possibly, to the whole of SJM as soon as they make a comeback), is just too unbecoming of a reporter.
I do not know the whole story but thanks to Gaia’s tweets, I managed to get the gist of everything. In Zhoumi’s Weibo, there was a post belittling Geng’s rice (it’s a term to refer Hangeng’s fans). Here’s a link to what he said. So of course, the fans retaliated but it turned out that Zhoumi’s account was hacked by anti-fans who would want to start war between ELF and Rice.
But what made this controversy go out of hand is the fact that Chinese reporters didn’t believe Zhoumi when he said that he was hacked. They continuously criticize Mimi over something he never did and as Gaia said, they have dragged Kyuhyun and Henry to the issue already.
To sum it up because I don’t want to reply to people one by one: Chinese reporters distorted the truth and are denying that Zhou Mi got hacked, they’re insulting him and insinuating he’s a bit touched in the head in their articles and bringing up old incidents (such as the unfortunate comment Zhou Mi made about the earthquake in China, or the story about the Wang Leehom’s concert). They’re also dragging Kyuhyun and Henry in this: Kyuhyun for the entry he wrote long ago on cyworld, these reporters are still claiming he said that Hankyung is worse than a beast. And Henry for something he never did: they say he insulted Kyuhyun because of what he wrote on his cyworld, but they say he cursed him at a press conference that was actually never held. ( That’s it.
-Gaia, @pastakyu on Twitter
Insulting Zhou Mi is too much as it’s always him. But bringing up the old issues are more intolerable. When I read Kyuhyun’s and Henry’s statements before, I had the feeling that it really had something to do with Geng’s departure. But a year has passed. Geng is now out of the circle (to everybody’s despair) and there’s nothing left to do but move on. NOW WHY BRING BACK THE PAST?
It’s stupid and it’s annoying. I think it’s because of the drama of Geng’s absence. Yeah, it might have been the root cause of all these hatred. Sorry to say but can it’s 2011 and can people just have an open mind, even for once? I personally reflected on the issue and I ended up concluding that maybe, JUST MAYBE, these reporters are siding with the underdog in the story – Geng. It’s in the nature of every human being, anyway.
Bash me or whatever. I love Geng, okay. I support him. What I’m just saying is that I believe in Zhoumi. And these reporters just have to know where to stand in a world that requires nothing but the truth.
Read this if you don’t believe.