Saturday, January 22, 2011

Still Incomparable

Most of my friends are sending me messages telling me I should watch Showtime because it’s their KPOP special. Okay guys, I tried. But the thing is, I turned off the TV after a few minutes because I realized that I’ve got no interests on it. I really can’t bring myself to liking the episode. If not for Vice Ganda and K Brosas, I would have turned it off right away.
Not that I don’t like the groups and performances. It’s just that I have this sort of expectations on cover groups already. Proper justification on the originals is of course, the number one. Second, they have to be at least at par with who they’re covering. Next, they have to appeal on me.
Okay. So damn personal. But as this is my blog, I don’t think I’ll have to be questioned on this.
Straight to the point? I just can’t find any group better than X Crew.
It’s not that I am friends with them already that’s why I’m saying this. I haven’t seen them perform recently either. Uh, it’s just that I tell the truth. If it’s not X Crew performing on stage, I’d rather not watch.
I don’t know why. Seriously, I have to give attention to others. Well, there are others which grabs my attention but most of the time, it’s either because of the song or the members’ physical appearances.
Okay. Call me rude now.
Nothing much. Just a spur of idea. I’m just thinking: what if they decided to join the contest? That would be really fun :))

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