Monday, January 24, 2011

Keep Your Head Down

And keep your feet on the ground.
It’s the two basic things that make a man. These two things are what comprise HUMILITY. And that, above anything else, should always prevail on an individual to be called ‘HUMAN’.
Where would pride and boastfulness bring us all? To a world where nothing reigns but hatred and prejudice? What good would it do to a world which rather needs understanding and peace?
I know I’m random but I know also that you understand. I hate it why there are some people who couldn’t just get enough of the reputations stamped on their foreheads. I don’t get it why they would really have to exist at the same time that I do. I know it’s kinda crazy wishing for this whole world to be perfect, but if we try… we can.
Why can’t we just all keep our heads down and keep our feet on the ground?
Guilty at times, I am. But lessons have been learned and now, I understand how great it feels to be humble. Truth is nothing feels greater than keeping your mouth shut and just letting other people discover what you can do rather than showing what you’re capable of.
Yeah, sometimes, we just have to let others see things for themselves. Sometimes, it would be a better decision to just shut the fuck up and let actions speak louder than words. Sometimes, it would be far better to do things not for recognition. Sometimes, it would be better to be low-profile.
Random? Yeah. I know.
Sometimes, you just have to understand things for yourself rather than demand it to be served to you.

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