Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Lee Sungmin!


Obviously, your wish had been granted.
You have finally gotten out of the box of cuteness.
Like how you’ve always wanted, you are now exuding the charm of a sexy man.
And you just do not know how many fangirls you’ve driven crazy because of your smexy eyeliner, attention-catching tattoo and glorious body.
You could be sued for that, Min. But I doubt if anybody will.
Truth is, I cannot understand how you do that.
You become sexy and cute at the same time.
I know it’s kinda stupid to even just think about it but I really wonder where did you get the magic to change personalities in just a wink.
Oh well, I guess I’ll never understand the ways of a king that you are.
and I’ll never be able to comprehend how you can make me spazz and go crazy everytime you appear on stage with the charisma which acts like a magnet of everybody’s eyes.
Yes, Min. You are like that.
For the few short years that I’ve known you in Super Junior, you never fail to steal my attention from Park Jungsoo everytime you do your part on a performance.
You, like Heenim, is very good in exceeding expectations.
And I love you for that, so much.
And on your birthday, I just want to tell that you’ve made me so proud as ever.
You have proven the world that you are not an ordinary boy band member. You have proven the world that you are not supposed to be underrated, as how others think you are.
Because you are an awesome individual. You are the king of all stars, the talented one, the god of all magicians and the lord of all that’s cute in this world.
Please be happy always and I wish the best for you.


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