Friday, January 14, 2011

Weird is Weird

Okay. So I was so out of the loop that I was taken by surprise when I learned of the rumor saying Jungsoo and Heenim won’t be able to go to Super Show 3 Bangkok just because Hee’s passport expired and so Jungsoo decided to just stay with the cat in South Korea.
Now this is weird, and not funny.
I thought about it as I read that there are temporary passports. Well as far as I know, there are really temporary passports. I am just not sure if South Korea has it on their immigration laws but definitely, I am wishing and praying that it is.
However, this rumor of passport expiration is kinda weird. Truth is: it’s very difficult for me to believe that something like that will occur.
First and foremost, SM Entertainment is not a small company which would overlook this kind of essential immigration issue. I doubt that they didn’t think about this beforehand.
Second, there’s a thing called contract; and this concert being a money-raking business for SM, I doubt that they would allow anything as shallow as this. Also, we know how strict this company is with contracts. I bet they wouldn’t do anything to bridge it.
This reminds of Kangin. Remember when he got involved in the DUI incident? It was a legal case. But still, he went to SS2 Malaysia or whatever country that was, because it was stated in the contract that he will be there.
Third, do people honestly think that Leeteuk and Heenim would allow themselves to stay in Korea when everyone else is in Bangkok performing a concert? I think I know the boys enough to say this: they wouldn’t let it happen.
I remembered when I got to talk to someone. Somehow, we shared the same thoughts on these two. They wouldn’t let anything hinder them from creating a good impression on fans. Leeteuk is the leader. Heechul is a lifeblood for the fun in the concert. They’re two indispensable parts of the show. They wouldn’t let that happen. They wouldn’t disappoint fans, especially Jungsoo.
I want to give the benefit of the doubt but it wouldn’t really be fair. Also, I can’t bring myself to believing that this would really occur. It’s just a passport. It’s not the visa. Granting that the issue is true, it’s just inside South Korea. It will be easy to fix it.
So what’s the point of all these? Weird.

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