Saturday, January 8, 2011


I don’t want to fuel the fire but I need to clear my head from some thoughts. I know it is kind of stupid to even talk about it but in a way, it affects me. One, because I love the people involved so much. Two, because I love these fandoms like I’ve never loved anything else.
Let’s just keep it simple: What has been said is said. What has been done is done. We cannot turn the hands of time back to the point where everything WAS okay. We cannot just say ‘STOP’ and then press the reset. After all, past is past; there is no way we could ever bring it back.
Another principle is this: We have to be responsible for everything we do. The actions we take and the words that come from our mouth are ours. Thus, we should always think twice before making it known. Sure thing, there’s a thing as freedom of expression but it has become so overrated that we no longer know where it ends and where restrictions and limitations begin.
What’s happening right now hurts a lot. I know where I belong and it just sucks knowing that there are these kinds of things happening in a world which is supposed to be [almost] perfect. Why people gets divided, I would never want to know if only I have the choice. Why those of the same belief suddenly bash each other, I never will understand…
But it happens.
Is it inevitable? No. It has always been a choice and it will remain to be like that for the rest of time. What we just need to do is to understand fully that no two minds are alike. Though there could be similarities, there will still be things which will differentiate one from another. Now that’s inevitable.
And I wish, people would just understand. Whatever Junsu said is his opinion. If Ming and Shindong chose to react to it, we cannot do anything. These people are matured enough to do what they did and I’m sure they’ve got reasons for it. They’re at their right minds and admit it or not, they have their points.
So please, can we, fans, just stay out of it?
Naturally, I will protect Sungmin and Shindong (and Eunhyuk and LEETEUK, of course) from whoever are hurting them; and that’s what I’m doing right now – though subliminal. I am honestly enraged when I learned that some fans are dragging EunTeuk on the issue by flooding the message board of Sukira.
Yes, I can say a lot of hurtful words to get even… But I won’t.
First, because I am a decent person. Second, because I do not a backlash of my opinions. Third, because I also love the people these fans are trying to protect.
I have my fair share of opinion. I have conducted my own assessment to the case. I have come up with my own list of who and what to believe. But I’ll just keep quiet…
…for now.

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