Monday, January 3, 2011

Get Off Zhoumi

Really. Some Chinese reporters need to be forced to go back to school and review even just a little bit of logic and journalism ethics. Why they call themselves reporters when all they can do is side on whatever they feel like believing, I guess I’ll never understand.
Seriously, they need to be taught how to understand things and how to be fair with their subjects. Because with what they’re doing to Zhoumi, Kyuhyun and Henry right now (and possibly, to the whole of SJM as soon as they make a comeback), is just too unbecoming of a reporter.
I do not know the whole story but thanks to Gaia’s tweets, I managed to get the gist of everything. In Zhoumi’s Weibo, there was a post belittling Geng’s rice (it’s a term to refer Hangeng’s fans). Here’s a link to what he said. So of course, the fans retaliated but it turned out that Zhoumi’s account was hacked by anti-fans who would want to start war between ELF and Rice.
But what made this controversy go out of hand is the fact that Chinese reporters didn’t believe Zhoumi when he said that he was hacked. They continuously criticize Mimi over something he never did and as Gaia said, they have dragged Kyuhyun and Henry to the issue already.
To sum it up because I don’t want to reply to people one by one: Chinese reporters distorted the truth and are denying that Zhou Mi got hacked, they’re insulting him and insinuating he’s a bit touched in the head in their articles and bringing up old incidents (such as the unfortunate comment Zhou Mi made about the earthquake in China, or the story about the Wang Leehom’s concert). They’re also dragging Kyuhyun and Henry in this: Kyuhyun for the entry he wrote long ago on cyworld, these reporters are still claiming he said that Hankyung is worse than a beast. And Henry for something he never did: they say he insulted Kyuhyun because of what he wrote on his cyworld, but they say he cursed him at a press conference that was actually never held. ( That’s it.
-Gaia, @pastakyu on Twitter
Insulting Zhou Mi is too much as it’s always him. But bringing up the old issues are more intolerable. When I read Kyuhyun’s and Henry’s statements before, I had the feeling that it really had something to do with Geng’s departure. But a year has passed. Geng is now out of the circle (to everybody’s despair) and there’s nothing left to do but move on. NOW WHY BRING BACK THE PAST?
It’s stupid and it’s annoying. I think it’s because of the drama of Geng’s absence. Yeah, it might have been the root cause of all these hatred. Sorry to say but can it’s 2011 and can people just have an open mind, even for once? I personally reflected on the issue and I ended up concluding that maybe, JUST MAYBE, these reporters are siding with the underdog in the story – Geng. It’s in the nature of every human being, anyway.
Bash me or whatever. I love Geng, okay. I support him. What I’m just saying is that I believe in Zhoumi. And these reporters just have to know where to stand in a world that requires nothing but the truth.
Read this if you don’t believe.

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