Thursday, July 28, 2011

Juggling Real Life with the Fantasy World

The price of the 5th album is said to be 20,000 won. That’s freaking 800php here. Well, I honestly thought it was damn overpriced but considering its size and the 13 tracks in there, I now think that it’s just okay. I guess the rage comes from the fact that the shipping fee will definitely be bigger than the album’s amount… and the fact that 800php + shipping fee + custom taxes + everything else is not a joke to a breadwinner like me.
I want to curse people. Really. I wouldn’t be this angered if I see that the boys are treated well. But the teaser pics to be used on the album, as well, and a music video which is apparently a recycle of Sorry, Sorry and Bonamana, how can I not be enraged? These albums will come out in three different versions and as a fan, I would want to buy it all, of course – though I’m not required. Now, what are we going to do with this?
My first that was cruel. The moment I learned of the price, I suddenly had this thinking that this is a tactic to keep SJ from winning the GDA. The Hanteo charts count album sales and you see, the album is expensive so convincing others to buy it repeatedly could be difficult.
I know it’s abusrd but with this kind of frustration, I am ready to accept everything that is against the people antagonizing us all. But what will it do? My thoughts are crazily thinking that if we don’t give in, their favored groups will hold the title. If we did, they’ll rake our money – and we still can’t be sure that the results won’t be manipulated. You see, we’re left to choose between two major choices. Either way, it is us or the boys who will suffer.
And of course, I would rather get hurt than see the boys disappointed again. The memories of the past GDA are still haunting me and I would never want to know that Teuk spent the whole night drinking and without sleep again. Yes, all these drama, I would still buy that album, and I would concede with the company’s rules. 
But this time, there is a bigger reason why I decided to do so. More than for the pride of this fandom and for that damn recognition, I want to do this because Jungsoo wants this. I know that this is his only wish and as I’ve said, this is the best memory he could bring when he enlists in the army next year.
I hope you all understand why I’m being like this. Jungsoo is more than just a bias to me. He is an inspiration and my constant motivation to dream and make it happen. That is why I act violently towards any hindrances that may block the reality of this wish. I don’t want Jungsoo to get disappointed again, coz I know I can’t bear a second time of it.
This is a tough decision especially that it involves money and that I am the breadwinner of the family. But yeah, I have decided to help SJ win the GDA. Not for bragging rights or anything else that concerns me and this fandom… but for Jungsoo, himself.
After all, this is all I could do to help.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fucked Up.


I don’t freaking understand the concept. This is just too much. Neon green boxers, neon green socks, neon green shoes, abs, angry bird. WHAT.
What exactly is the concept, SM. What exactly.
I have expected this on Siwon though. Since Teuk showed up in boxers, I knew the coordinunas will certainly make Siwon wear one too. And really, it’s not that I don’t like it but I really can’t bear looking at it the second time. LOL
Tomorrow’s Heechul. If Siwon’s like this, I wonder what he has. I won’t really set no expectations since I know I’ll end up getting shamed again.

It Begins…

I was supposed to come up with a nice review about Heenim but the fucking issue of a 20K won-album is just too much to bear. So I’m keeping this short.
With the release of this teaser picture, I am convinced that it has begun. The battle of ELFs and SJ against the whole world is now starting.
And Heenim, you won again this time. I didn’t expect you to be this simple. You indeed are.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coupling Tactics

Just as expected, it’s Kim Jongwoon’s turn after Ryeowook.
I think SM is trying to say something here. Probably, the concept has something to do with the couples in SJ. First, it’s EunHae. Then it’s Teuk and Shindong. The KyuMin’s kinda ruined since Kyu’s photo had been spilled. Then we have YeWook. And of course, we have SiChul for the last.
I wonder what the tactic of releasing is all about. I am sure it means something. After all, there’s a reason for everything in advertising. And I’m finding that reason.
Anyway, Kim Jongwoon.
There’s something in this picture which reminds me of Jack The Ripper. The hat? The shawl on his neck? I don’t know. But the hair. OMG. I can’t really stop myself from wishing that he took his hat off because the hair is getting me curious. It’s like bushy but at the same time, hot.
August 3, come faster please.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Totally Unexpected


As the picture loads, I thought I was up for something terribly hot and smexy. Kim Ryeowook’s face has been exuding a mature aura lately and I really can’t figure out from where it’s coming from. From the face? From the eyes? From the tanned makeup? From the jawline? I have no idea. But that makes it more interesting actually. Knowing nothing and seeing everything turns the way you don’t expect it to be, that’s teasing. 
But when it fully loaded, I felt shocked more than surprised. A yellow cycling shorts which Ryeowook himself had referred to as underwears (팬티 – LMAO) has surfaced and I can’t really determine for myself if I am satisfied. Suddenly, I just want to think that atleast the Teuk-stans are not alone in suffering. (Though at least, Wookie has his upper part to compensate.)
But on the serious note, this is totally unexpected. Feathers, pink socks, 팬티… I really don’t know what to think of SJ’s concept. But I think I’ll just leave it with that. 8 days more and they’re back. Let’s see what will happen.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Free Soul.


Rushing to the room almost tripping on the stairs is worth it. I never expected something will be released on a Sunday morning. But since SM did, I am betting my life that they really want to leave any survivors. They clearly want everyone dead, because this… is how Super Junior teases.
Such a very enticing picture at this early time of the day.
But who the hell is complaining.
This is the goodness-gracious, oh-so-mightily-gorgeous LEE fucking SUNGMIN.
Such a free soul. Though this isn’t as sexy to me as when he was performing on his birthday on a  certain event, this is really something very unexpected. He has indeed released himself from the chains of AEGYO. Congratulations, Lee Sungmin, you are now entitled to a crown of ultimate teasing – and you have just done the best thing you could to epitomize this huge transformation that SJ has gone through for the 5집.
Six down. Four more. SiChul and YeWook, what do we expect from you?
*And still, whoever the stylist is, FUCK YOU FOR RUINING LEETEUK’S TEASER PIC.

A Part of History

On July 24, Super Junior has been appointed to be the ambassadors for Korean tourism. The appointing ceremony will be held at 10am, on July 26th, first floor of Korea Tourism Organization building.
cr.Yesung Center


What should have been done a long time ago is now done.
Now, imagine me smiling like crazy and tearing up as a proud fan. This news stroke all the emotional nerves in me and I can’t think of any better thing than this happening. Even the comeback seems not make any sense now to me.
I have long waited for this day that they will be appointed as tourism ambassadors. Because to me, this is a proof that SJ has gone a long way now. Even though they are not making real well in Korea now, they have managed to get into the international scene. Thanks to Youtube, we have to admit, and thanks to the millions of ELF who continuously desire to go to Korea just to be able to see these boys.
I feel really happy right now. The boys deserve this kind of recognition. And even though it is another addition to their list of responsibilities, it is just heartwarming to realize that they are no longer just a part of Korea’s music scene, but a part of Korea’s history as well.
Just thinking that their names may be included on Korea’s history books thrills me already.

Just Have to Blurt it All Out.

Why do I have this feeling that the new MV is another recycle? I mean, you know, we may see them in this colorful and funky concept which is definitely far, far away from the usual monochromatic styles SJ showed in the past 4 albums… But why do I have this creepy and eerie feeling that we’ll end up getting the same thing for the MV?
I would not have dared think about this if it wasn’t for Kim Jaewon’s tweets.
Doesn’t the set look familiar? Sorry, Sorry… Bonamana… And this new MV. Somehow, I feel like it’s all filmed in this kind of concept, if not the same set.
Oh of course, I am not complaining. Though I look like I am, no annoyance will beat the fact that my boys are coming back and they are loving this. But can people really blame me if I hoped for something better than this? They’re not a newcomer nor a forgotten one. I don’t care if they are not as hot as they used to in their own country; but I hope people responsible for the concept will actually take into consideration what kind of attention the Korean Music is experiencing now because of them.
This is a rant yes, but I’m still generous enough to give the company benefits of the doubt. I insist on myself that maybe, the boys would want to stick with the manly and sexy concept. Maybe, they really like the ‘new’ idea. But then, I can’t seem to convince myself with all these. Probably because I am looking for something REALLY better from the company for the members.
Well, these kinds of disappointments and criticizing comes hand in hand with teasing. I have this impression, and I am praying hard that I will be proven wrong. For once, I would really want to eat my words.
I am doing my part of consolation. I have chosen to rely on the truth that the boys say they are enjoying this new concept.
Seriously, I AM GLAD THEY’RE COMING BACK. I am excited as fuck, same as this whole fandom. I don’t know if I am speaking in behalf of others but personally (though my count wouldn’t really matter), I will support the boys whether the concept is recycled or not. But please, at least show some effort that Super Junior is receiving the kind of treatment that they deserve. After all, they are not trash to be recycled every fucking time. I am not claiming all the glory for the boys but I think they deserve fresh concepts from SM like how they give to SHINee, f(x) and SNSD.

I’m Just Missing HanChul a Lot.

Okay. So apparently, the picture on the screen is Geng’s PRE-DEBUT PICTURE.


Geez. Maybe I’m just missing HanChul a lot. I’ve been tweeting and writing about them like crazy and I hope you guys do understand. I know that somehow, you feel it too. I know that like me, you want to see the prince and the princess together again.
Connections. I keep finding them. Well not just me. First, it’s the necklace. And then it’s the shirt. Next, it’s the umbrella, the Youngstreet episode, then the bonnet..
and then this.
Who can blame me for wanting HanChul back again?
You know what? When Heenim referred to Geng as Super Junior Hankyung, my heart skipped a beat. It’s what I’ve been wanting to hear from Heenim. It has been a long time since he spoke about Geng and it’s just so relieving that he finally did.
Honestly, I feel like I’m gonna see them together soon. Maybe in a few weeks, in a few months, or in a few years. I don’t know. But I believe, the time will come that I’ll see them both doing fan services for us… reliving the days, reminiscing the past.
I know they’re going back to each others’ arms… And I hope I’ll get to witness that first hand. :’)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Proving Everybody Wrong


Boy, I am definitely surprised.
This is freaking awesome, y’know. Blue. Bling-bling. (Though that velvet-looking manskirt/pants looked kinda off to me).
This is the best teaser so far. (Put the leaders’ to the last position. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)
I really can’t contain the excitement. They have just filmed their MV last night and as we wish that it’s not a low-budget production again, the boys are like telling us to just believe.
SJ is out to prove every hater wrong again. Shindong’s a proof here.
캬캬캬~~!!! 신동의오빠 너무 멋졌어!!! ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ




First, it’s Shindong. Now, this BAMF Kyuhyun. I don’t know what to expect anymore. But yeah, I believe it’s going to be Pop-Art.
I have expected SM to release two teasers at one day since they have to keep their promise that they’ll be releasing the videos by next week but damn, I never thought it would be this exciting and heart-racing. LOL
Kyuhyun is just a majesty. This picture has to attest to that. And somehow, I am seeing light for this album.
Let the brilliance of these boys come out.
(And Zhoumi, I know you designed the clothes. LOL. TYVM.)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Unexpected Transformation


Despite the freaking scary outfit, I have to say that Teuk is rocking this eccentric style like a boss.
I thought it was really Heechul because of one fan art I saw but when I saw this on a Korean blog, I was at lost. Truth be told, this is the kind of transformation that I have long been waiting for. 
(or maybe I have just grown tired of seeing the same old hairstyle Jungsoo sports every now and then.)
I spazzed. But I should admit that I am at lost for words. I never expected this kind of transformation though I’m waiting for this. (I KNOW! I KNOW! IT’S FREAKING IRONIC!). I guess I just didn’t expect that Teuk’s teaser will be released this early.
Jungsoo, you really know how to surprise me.
I wonder how they get to wear that kind of hideous outfit… though I am not complaining with the boxers and fishnet. haha.