Thursday, July 14, 2011

If It was Me...

늘 바라만 보네요 하루가 지나가고 또 하루가 지나도
그대 숨소리 그대 웃음소리 아직도 나를 흔들죠
또 눈물이 흐르죠 아픈 내맘 모른채 그댄 웃고 있네요
바보같은나 철없는 못난내게
한번쯤 그대 돌아봐줄수 없는지
알고 있죠 내 바램들은 그대에게 아무런 의미없단걸
나였으면 그대사랑하는 사람 나였으면
수없이 많은 날을 나 기도해왔죠
푸르른 나무처럼 말없이 빛난별처럼
또 바라만 보고있는 나를 그댄 알고 있나요
늘 나 오늘까지만 혼자 연습해왔던
사랑의 고백들도 슬픈 뒷모습 그저 오늘까지만
이런 내맘을 모른채 살아갈테죠
기다림이 잊혀짐보다 쉽다는걸 슬프게 잘알고있죠
나였으면 그대사랑하는 사람 나였으면
수없이 많은 날을 나 기도해왔죠
푸르른 나무처럼 말없이 빛난별처럼
또 바라만 보고있는 나를 그댄 알고 있나요
묻고 싶죠 그댄잘지내는가요 함께하는
그사람이 그대에게 잘해주나요
바보같은 걱정도 부질없단걸 알지만
눈물없이 꼭한번은 말하고 싶었죠
I always look at you
even if a day pass and another passes by
the sound of you breathing, the sound of you laughing
it still makes me tremble
Tears flow once again
you are smiling , not knowing the pain inside me
a fool like me, a naive and immature like me
for this once, can you turn around and look at me?
I know that my wishes has no meaning to you
If it was me, the person you love
If it was me,I prayed for countless days
Like the shining green trees, like the silent sparkling stars
I am only looking at you again, do you even know this?
Until today, I always practiced those love confessions by myself
sad back view, just until today
You will live without ever knowing how I feel
Sadly, I know that waiting is easier than erasing you
I want to ask you, Are you well?
Is the person you are with treating you well?
I know that these stupid worries are all useless
but i wanted to say this at least once without tears
that I love you.
No, don’t mind the video. (It’ll lead you to much *kilig* than usual eh.) So just read the lyrics.
And this song entitled … this song, according to Kyuhyun, is for Sungmin.


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