Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Year Later…

One year ago, you left for the army. I was at the office and was supposed to finish articles but I had to run to the washroom for how many times and hide from my officemates because I was shedding endless tears over your departure. I couldn’t take it then. You weren’t supposed to leave yet but that ruckus took your freedom away and you had to leave us unprepared to bury everything to oblivion.
One year after, here I am, writing this simple article to let you know that I am still waiting for you.
It was never easy saying goodbye to one of my strengths. But then, my hope comes from the fact that you are just on a short journey. You never left, and never will you. We are an indispensable part of your life, as you are to ours, right? We will never let go of each other. Whatever happens, we will be together again.
This year, I feel happier. A year has flown. I am certain that the next year will come like a breeze as well. A few more days and you’ll be back with us – healthy and as a better person. That time, we’ll hear you say you missed us.
Kim Youngwoon, you’re eating well, right? You’re doing well with what you’re doing right now so let’s continue waiting for each other.
And one year after, as the gates of your military camp opens to release you, the gates of the Sapphire Blue World will open as well. And you will see us all at the entrance, with our arms wide open, ready to hug you back with us again.

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