Thursday, July 28, 2011

Juggling Real Life with the Fantasy World

The price of the 5th album is said to be 20,000 won. That’s freaking 800php here. Well, I honestly thought it was damn overpriced but considering its size and the 13 tracks in there, I now think that it’s just okay. I guess the rage comes from the fact that the shipping fee will definitely be bigger than the album’s amount… and the fact that 800php + shipping fee + custom taxes + everything else is not a joke to a breadwinner like me.
I want to curse people. Really. I wouldn’t be this angered if I see that the boys are treated well. But the teaser pics to be used on the album, as well, and a music video which is apparently a recycle of Sorry, Sorry and Bonamana, how can I not be enraged? These albums will come out in three different versions and as a fan, I would want to buy it all, of course – though I’m not required. Now, what are we going to do with this?
My first that was cruel. The moment I learned of the price, I suddenly had this thinking that this is a tactic to keep SJ from winning the GDA. The Hanteo charts count album sales and you see, the album is expensive so convincing others to buy it repeatedly could be difficult.
I know it’s abusrd but with this kind of frustration, I am ready to accept everything that is against the people antagonizing us all. But what will it do? My thoughts are crazily thinking that if we don’t give in, their favored groups will hold the title. If we did, they’ll rake our money – and we still can’t be sure that the results won’t be manipulated. You see, we’re left to choose between two major choices. Either way, it is us or the boys who will suffer.
And of course, I would rather get hurt than see the boys disappointed again. The memories of the past GDA are still haunting me and I would never want to know that Teuk spent the whole night drinking and without sleep again. Yes, all these drama, I would still buy that album, and I would concede with the company’s rules. 
But this time, there is a bigger reason why I decided to do so. More than for the pride of this fandom and for that damn recognition, I want to do this because Jungsoo wants this. I know that this is his only wish and as I’ve said, this is the best memory he could bring when he enlists in the army next year.
I hope you all understand why I’m being like this. Jungsoo is more than just a bias to me. He is an inspiration and my constant motivation to dream and make it happen. That is why I act violently towards any hindrances that may block the reality of this wish. I don’t want Jungsoo to get disappointed again, coz I know I can’t bear a second time of it.
This is a tough decision especially that it involves money and that I am the breadwinner of the family. But yeah, I have decided to help SJ win the GDA. Not for bragging rights or anything else that concerns me and this fandom… but for Jungsoo, himself.
After all, this is all I could do to help.

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