Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coupling Tactics

Just as expected, it’s Kim Jongwoon’s turn after Ryeowook.
I think SM is trying to say something here. Probably, the concept has something to do with the couples in SJ. First, it’s EunHae. Then it’s Teuk and Shindong. The KyuMin’s kinda ruined since Kyu’s photo had been spilled. Then we have YeWook. And of course, we have SiChul for the last.
I wonder what the tactic of releasing is all about. I am sure it means something. After all, there’s a reason for everything in advertising. And I’m finding that reason.
Anyway, Kim Jongwoon.
There’s something in this picture which reminds me of Jack The Ripper. The hat? The shawl on his neck? I don’t know. But the hair. OMG. I can’t really stop myself from wishing that he took his hat off because the hair is getting me curious. It’s like bushy but at the same time, hot.
August 3, come faster please.

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