Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Part of History

On July 24, Super Junior has been appointed to be the ambassadors for Korean tourism. The appointing ceremony will be held at 10am, on July 26th, first floor of Korea Tourism Organization building.
cr.Yesung Center


What should have been done a long time ago is now done.
Now, imagine me smiling like crazy and tearing up as a proud fan. This news stroke all the emotional nerves in me and I can’t think of any better thing than this happening. Even the comeback seems not make any sense now to me.
I have long waited for this day that they will be appointed as tourism ambassadors. Because to me, this is a proof that SJ has gone a long way now. Even though they are not making real well in Korea now, they have managed to get into the international scene. Thanks to Youtube, we have to admit, and thanks to the millions of ELF who continuously desire to go to Korea just to be able to see these boys.
I feel really happy right now. The boys deserve this kind of recognition. And even though it is another addition to their list of responsibilities, it is just heartwarming to realize that they are no longer just a part of Korea’s music scene, but a part of Korea’s history as well.
Just thinking that their names may be included on Korea’s history books thrills me already.

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