Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Full Determination: SWITCHED ON

Few days more and it’s August. Nobody knows exactly when Super Junior is coming back. But one thing is certain, the superior is returning and 5jib is most likely another chance to create history.
Yes, we’re talking about history here. We are set to make another one unfold; and this time, my full hope lies on the belief that we are going to make it again – without any doubts, without anyone to say that we didn’t really make it, without any stopping.
We are giving the full honor to OUR boys.
And so we need to do everything we can to give the glory to Super Junior by the end of this year.
But of course, it is not easy as it often requires shedding out money. But the truth is, we all can help in our own simple ways in making them number one again. If we have extra cash, we can donate on projects. If we don’t, we can help in promoting the albums.
(Though please, please try hard to buy the album. As much as possible, BUY VERSION A.)
Guys, this is really a serious business for many. If there are some of you who think like this is just some foolish fan-activities we’re trying to come up with, please do think again. Because we’re not doing this just for the sake of being able to do something. We have reasons, and we are hoping that those who wouldn’t understand would just respect it.
Teuk have spoken (if it’s really true, though) that he will enter the army once they get the GDA this year. But I believe that whether they get it or not, he will have to enter the army next year. So please, can we all do the honor of giving him (and Chul and Yesung – if they’re entering too) a pleasant memory to bring with him in the army?
We are in a great fandom, ELFs. Let’s do this.

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