Tuesday, March 20, 2012


For many fans, there are two things that we know. One, it is normal for us to love people who are not even aware of our existence that's why; Two, we content ourselves with the fact that our idols appreciate our country in general.

Yes, the greatest and most realistic thing a fan could ever receive from her idols is recognition. The fact that her country is mentioned by someone she loves so much is more than enough compensation to all the efforts, time and money given out for him. Though it's technically asking something in return, I believe that there is no fan in this world - especially of Super Junior, who is popular WORLDWIDE - who wouldn't feel thrilled if even just her country will be mentioned by the boys. Although I cannot deny that there are some who couldn't be contented that they end up stepping into a delusional phase, which is of course, another story I wouldn't want to discuss.. YET.

So yeah, appreciation... or let's call it recognition.

Let me tell you a story: When Super Show 2 Manila was announced, a group called SuJu MAD was formed. It consisted of fans who volunteered to handle projects for the members. There weren't salaries for the work and most of the expenses most likely came out from their own pockets; and for donations, they had to think of their own ways to accumulate the needed amount for the project from fellow fans who are willing to shed out cash for these boys. Personal efforts for the benefit of the Philippine ELF's reputation.

But although it was for a good cause, I can't say that SuJu MAD - along with SJUPH - succeeded that time. Maybe it's because of the hype that it was the first time that SJ came to the Philippines, so yeah, such excuse was counted.


A chance to prove our worth once more as a strong fandom came through SS3 Manila, and I tell you.. the preparation... and the success... were truly imposing.

Cutting the story short, through the combined efforts of the fans - and some detractors who strengthened our bond, the Philippine ELF managed to prove the whole world that we are indeed an SJ-country.

Yes, each one of us who were there in SS3 Manila (in body and in thoughts) were part of the concert's success. Until now, I find it amusing how we came as one for the sake of our reputation as a nation that loves Super Junior. It was just so awesome that that night felt so surreal...

And as the night ended, we all knew that we marked our position in the hearts of Super Junior...


But recently, I started thinking that maybe what we did aren't enough. It hurt like hell, especially that I was one of all of you who exerted her 110% for the projects to be successful. I had to force myself to walk in two weeks (as I got into a major accident almost a month before Super Show 3 MLA) just so I could attend to my responsibilities in this fandom.

Summary: I felt like we were forgotten... by Jungsoo.

But then, things changed, thanks to Super Show 4 Bangkok.


Some Philippine ELF went to Bangkok and literally brought flags and banners to raise to Jungsu. It was not a project. Rather, it was an impulsive action by people who probably share the same sentiment as mine. While we were all losing hope, something unexpected happened.

On the third day of Super Show 4 Bangkok, Park Jungsu finally spoke of what I've always longed to hear. He recognized the Philippines and much more, he said 'Mabuhay, Philippines.'

Wow moment. When Cla tweeted that, I cried... and for a moment, everything became irrelevant.

Jungsu... Mentioned.. the Philippines.


Who would have thought that two words would make me scamper back to where I used to be? I've declared myself to be Henry-biased already, and although that doesn't change, I feel like I'm drifting back to the leader, just when I thought I wouldn't anymore. It's like everything's wiped off with those words. Funny.

I don't know how exactly did he finally remember us, but I want to believe on two things: He realized that there is indeed a country called the Philippines, and that he managed to see the dedication of the Philippine ELF to show him that we love him so much. Whichever, I have Park Jungsu to thank.

This is funny. I feel like writing an apology letter. While I feel confident about what I'm saying, I feel shameful. I've done wrong and I've grown immature... But it's just that I don't want to be dishonest anymore.

So yeah, I've posted this.

And hey, Jungsu, once again.. Thank you. :)


  1. Same feelings. Especially because Jungsoo is my bias as well... and the fact that most people I know are getting irritated with Teuk because we also feel that we are disregarded (I'll include myself too) and I can't do about it... It's heartbreaking. There came a time when I felt so useless because I could not do anything about it... to minimize the hate towards him and also to make him remember us. I would just cry and think about it the whole day. This must be absurd but I don't know why I'm feeling something like this.

    To be honest, I was hurt when he deleted that tweet about Philippines having three gold albums here (and now four). Also, I was hurt when he thought Philippines was Spain in SS4 Singapore.
    And then... SS4 Bangkok came and I felt that we were also important...

    I really feel happy. Genuinely happy because of that thing that he did. Maybe it is just a little thing for others, but it is not for PHELF right? I feel that the people I know are changing their hearts and forgiving Leeteuk.

    We're the same... I write about how happy I am whenever he posts or says something about Philippines. It's like a memory being recovered and cherished.

    That's it. :)

    1. And just when I thought nobody outside my personal circle of friends in the fandom would understand me, you came.

      Thank you immortalsoul for understanding how I feel. You know, as a fangirl, the only thing we all wanted to feel is to be appreciated. And being teuk-biased, we are expecting it from him.

      but for a long time, there's none.

      it made me think like we're constantly being NEGLECTED. I have even came to the point when I concluded that Jungsoo is not like the person I believed him to be. BUt then that's something personal so I couldn't detail.

      Jungsoo holds a very special part in our lives as Angels. And I know what Philippine Angels did just to make it known to him and to the whole world that his group f**ing owns this country.

      So it sucked yeah that he couldn't remember us. That he even remembered the countries in Europe but not us. LOL.

      But yea, it's not his fault. Jungsu has reasons, I know. So I felt so self-centered feeling like how I've felt.

      So yeah, it's time to let go of the pain. :) At least he remembered us already. And I think both sides learned their lessons already. *wink*

      LOL an article-length reply. sorry hahaha

      and thanks for dropping by again!


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