Thursday, September 15, 2011

On Sungmin’s Blog and Privacy

I won’t come clean. Even before the Ming’s Naver blog got publicized, I knew about it and was already feasting over the entries there. A friend linked it to me and keeping ourselves composed is like one of the most challenging things we had to do to keep it a secret. We had to suppress ourselves from spazzing when our insides are already grumbling and turning upside down.
Until now, I can still remember the goosebumps I had when I first saw all entries. Everything was candidly written, everything was exactly the way Sungmin would have wanted it to be, everything was privately public. One thing I will never forget about that day (and I’m not exaggerating things here!) is that in that blog, I feel so close to the real Lee Sungmin, not the Super Junior Sungmin.
Among the members of Super Junior, I have always believed that it is Sungmin who is the most private. I couldn’t cite incidents to prove it but looking at his eyes, I know that there are so many things that he has been trying to hide from us. In spite of being an idol, I knew he wanted a private space wherein he could be himself; a private space where his popularity will not intervene the kind of life that he wanted to live.
But obviously, we blocked that ideology.
Of course, it could be an excuse that they didn’t know that it was supposed to be private, but even common sense would tell that privacy is the main objective why you couldn’t just save the pictures by right-clicking or you cannot just highlight the words and copy it. That is why, it got me terribly disappointed to see all contents of those blog being published on social networking sites, particularly on Tumblr.
We tried hard to stop the distribution of Ming’s blog’s contents. But to no avail. Eventually, Shindong linked it to his Naver blog, and he posted the link on his me2day account. I personally believe that that move wasn’t because he wanted to open up to the public. I believe that he did that because he had no other choice. No matter how we look at it, there is no longer even the tiniest bit of privacy in there.
Once again, I’m not coming clean. Of course, I’m guilty. But as much as I do not want to sound so ridiculous and immature, I just want to say that at least, we clung onto what Sungmin really wanted. Though the translations are rampant and the notes of each picture on Tumblr are shooting up high, we could say that we never contributed to the spreading of those materials. We read, we enjoy, but we kept it on us alone.
OKAY. My point here is that in one way or another, we all infiltrated Sungmin’s privacy. But at least, some people admitted that they did wrong and tried to correct the mistake as guilt overwhelms them for taking away what Sungmin really wanted.


  1. Hindi na uso privacy sa kpop stars. feel bad for ming :(

  2. yun nga e. :(
    alam mo yung feeling na parang nawala tuloy interest ni ming sa blogging. :(


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