Saturday, September 24, 2011

What I Worship about A-Cha

For some, the song is ordinary. But just like Mr. Simple, it is catchy and definitely dance-worthy. It is one of the few songs that would really give you the Last Song Syndrome, which of course, you wouldn't realize that you have already because you'll enjoy singing the song too much, or hum it (at least).

I haven't read any translation of A-Cha yet. The songs Andante and A Day has been keeping my player busy as these two songs are on loop the whole day. But when I saw its live performances yesterday and today on Music Bank and Music Core, respectively, I realized that A-Cha (setting my being an ELF aside) is really capable of receiving the same recognition as Sorry, Sorry. (Mr. Simple is the one that toppled its history.)

You know, choreography really emphasizes the beauty of a song. When A-Cha was released, my first thought was how will it be danced. Being an amateur dancer myself, I could say that it's quite difficult to put steps on it. The tune's slow but fast, so noobs would most likely go bonkers in finding the right choreo for it.

Nonetheless, SJ's choreographer made magic and came up with great moves. Though it cannot compare to Mr. Simple's, A-Cha's moves have its own charm. And if there is one thing which I could never get over with, it's the jump on the bridge part (the one with Shindong in the middle). Because during this part, it'll be a shame not to admit that Shindong becomes the most badass guy in my world.

As for the voice qualities, KRY's adlibs are definitely unquestionable. If someone will tell me right now - straight in my face - that they did nothing extraordinary in the song, I would readily throw my PC at that person. Because if you are just an ordinary singer, you wouldn't be able to hit those freaking high notes while executing those breath-catching choreography. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung's voices are totally numbing all my senses. It's just so beautiful, I can't even...

And with Jungsu... I was like... 'WHAT ON EARTH SHOULD I REACT ABOUT HIM.' From the teaser to the main performance, he kept me astounded (but that's given coz just one stare from him and I'm melting). But what I really worship about him in this song was his voice. I never really thought that he's capable of being a bass. haha! It was really a surprise to hear him sing like that, especially that we all know how his pitch really is. I don't want to believe others saying that it's not his voice, because I know and I have the god-feeling that it's his......

Okay. As much as I don't want to mention this because I might end up getting spanked... the teaser was released yesterday and I swear, I had to pause my player and repeat the few seconds that it showed Sungmin's close up shot. His perfection sent my heartbeat to a halt, I swear. He was like a doll in the video, but in the live stage, he was fierce... and you know I love fierce Sungmin... That's why that's another thing I worship for this song.

So enjoy the song. :)

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