Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Prouder than Ever~

God knows how hard it was trying to console myself with the fact that Heenim’s gonna be gone for only a month because I didn’t know that army pictures will surface. But no complains here. I am exceptionally grateful to the photographer for still making us see our Cinderella while he’s away to fulfill his duties as a Korean man.
And among the pictures which came out, it is this one which truly stroke the emotional string in me.
The first thing I noticed was his hand. The fingernails are no longer long and for the first time, I got convinced that his hands are of a man. It is still beautiful but now it appears more manly. And that’s when I realized that indeed, this is no longer the artist Kim Heechul that I’m seeing. This is now the real Kim Heechul in the picture – the Korean man serving his country.
Then I saw the pen. News stated that Heenim, barely a week after he enlisted, was appointed as a leader of his platoon. Just like Kangin, he easily stood out. He even got first place on a training involving firearms. This is an expected one.. because we all know how Heenim is when it comes to doing his thing. If he wants it done, he makes sure that it’s done in the best way possible.
And then I saw the eyes and if my dad wasn’t sitting next to me when I first saw this, I could have cried right away. His eyes said it all. I know I’m not a photo expert to say this but his eyes reflect joy. Looking at how he looks afar, it makes me feel better because through his look, I got assured that he is doing well inside the training camp.
I have seen enough grumpy-looking Heechul pictures to know that he’s almost smiling in this one. And you know what, that added to the joy. I want to believe that he’s happy and he’s contented with what he has become during his first week in the army. I want to believe that he’ll be like this until the two-year wait is completed.
Now, I’m starting to look at these army things in a completely different light. Thanks to Kangin and Heechul, I managed to understand how a waiting fan should feel. And now that Jungsoo had announced his enlistment next year, I think I’ll get by once it’s his time to enter.

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